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IN: Investment in Michigan City Reaches $1.5 Billion, Hundreds of Jobs

Nov 01, 2019
Since 2012, Michigan City has recognized over $1.5 Billion in public and private investments. City administration has been very diligent in improving old infrastructure and investing in new infrastructure to modernize and to provide efficient services. 
Over the past 8 years an estimated $47,456,000 has been spent in storm and sewer projects, $82,488,000 roads, and over $544 million in other city projects. This has laid the foundation and attracted investors who have become confident by the city investing itself.
Over the same time period, especially in the past 5 years, there has been over $1 Billion in capital investment coming from the private sector. In the last 3 years these investments have created over 638 new jobs and retained 1,914 jobs.
Mayor Ron Meer, “This has been the hallmark of my administration, to provide a positive business climate to attract new investment to Michigan City and to create employment opportunities, especially in high wage jobs for all residents. We will continue to provide high level of services to residents and the business community.”
The Economic Development Corporation Michigan City, EDCMC, has been working to build a sustainable community and create livable wage jobs, with a great quality of life for residents and visitors. The EDCMC has partnered with many different groups within the city and the region area to be successful. 
Clarence Hulse, Executive Director, EDCMC, mentioned “the importance of these partnerships, especially Michigan City Area Schools, City of Michigan City Mayor and Common Council for supporting economic development in our city. We are looking forward to implementing the new strategic plan with the vision of Economic Prosperity for All, 5-year plan.”
The Strategic Action Plan 2019-2023 be viewed on our website and addresses the areas of Economic Inclusion, Workforce Development/Talent Attraction,
Placemaking, Marketing the Community, and Economic Modernization.
Companies looking to expand their business may call the EDCMC at (219) 873-1211 for more information
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