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IN: Northeast Indiana Region Awarded $50 Million for 'Growing with Vision' Plan

Dec 15, 2021
Following a joint public meeting of the board of directors of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) and the Indiana Economic Development Foundation Inc. at Butler University in Indianapolis, the IEDC announced the Northeast Indiana Regional Development Authority (RDA) was awarded $50 million to support Northeast Indiana’s regional economic development plan as part of the state of Indiana’s Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative (READI).
The Northeast Indiana RDA will leverage the READI funding to support the “Growing with Vision” plan, which showcases over 130 projects from across Northeast Indiana totaling more than $2 billion of investment.
“We’re thankful to the IEDC for their continued trust in Northeast Indiana and the Growing with Vision plan. Thanks to this critical READI funding, we will accelerate Northeast Indiana’s economic growth and transform our region into a globally-recognized magnet for the best businesses and talent,” said Gene Donaghy, president of the Northeast Indiana RDA.
The $50 million will make a significant impact in the region, accelerating Northeast Indiana’s workforce growth, downtown revitalization and entrepreneurship and innovation.
“As elected officials, we understand the importance of working collaboratively to ensure the growth of our region. We are thankful the IEDC believes in the Growing with Vision plan and for funding this strategy,” said Steve McMichael, Mayor of New Haven and president of the Mayors and Commissioners Caucus of Northeast Indiana.
Once the agreement between the RDA and the IEDC is finalized, the RDA will begin hearing project proposals for funding.
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