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IN: Startup to Increase Development for Sanitizing System, to Add 30 Jobs

May 29, 2020
Indiana-based startup, 3Oe Scientific (3Oe), announced plans to grow its operations in central Indiana to support its development and growth in the area of sanitization, focusing primarily on the company’s first innovation – a patented, aqueous ozone hand sanitizing system.
"Thanks to innovative life sciences companies like 3Oe, Indiana ranks as one of the five most concentrated life sciences states in the U.S., contributing $77 billion to our state's economy," said Indiana Secretary of Commerce Jim Schellinger. "We're excited 3Oe is developing its game-changing product here, while simultaneously investing in Indiana's workforce and creating good jobs for Hoosiers."
The company's patented, hand sanitizing device infuses ozone, a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms, into water, creating “aqueous ozone” which kills pathogens, like viruses, bacteria and spores, naturally without using soaps, chemicals or harmful substances. Users place their hands into the device, and a shower spray of aqueous ozone covers and cleanses the hands.
This cleansing cycle lasts a few seconds, during which time the system is able to provide full coverage of all surface areas of the hands with a steady stream of aqueous ozone and stops when enough time has elapsed to cover all potentially contaminated surfaces. 3Oe has partnered with local hospitals and schools for product beta testing and plans to submit the technology for FDA approval later this year. 
3Oe plans to invest nearly $500,000 in its operations to accelerate the development and growth of its technology. The company, which currently employs six associates in Carmel, plans to create up to 30 new, high-wage jobs by the end of 2022. 3Oe plans to begin hiring for new positions later this year with salaries offered above the state average wage. 
“At 3Oe Scientific we are committed to enhancing life and improving the health of humanity through disruptive innovation – and we believe now more than ever is the time to make an impact starting with our health care and public health communities,” said Dr. Tom Foust, 3Oe CEO and Founder. “The technology is expected to revolutionize the healthcare and public health sectors in areas of efficacy, compliance and tracking. We’re proud to be an Indiana-based company, sharing many work values with the Hoosier state. As an innovation-centric tech company, we look forward to not only positively impacting our community with our products but also growing our workforce here in Indiana as we expand and scale.”
Dr. Foust first began working on this project approximately 10 years ago as part of a research team at Indianapolis-based Delta Faucet Company in 2010. Together, working with outside consultants and the Delta Faucet R&D Group, the team led the development of this innovative technology. Under Dr. Foust's leadership, 3Oe secured exclusive rights for the healthcare industries and medical device classification, while continuing to share commercial rights with Delta Faucet Company. 
The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) offered 3Oe Scientific LLC up to $600,000 in conditional tax credits based on the company’s job creation plans. These tax credits are performance-based, meaning the company is eligible to claim incentives once Hoosiers are hired.
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