KS: Zeolyst International to expand Wyandotte County facility

7 Sep, 2010

Wyandotte County’s Zeolyst International – a global leader in zeolite powders, catalysts and adsorbents – will undergo a 43,000 square-foot expansion of its existing 1700 Kansas Avenue location in 2012-2013. The expansion will create 33 new jobs and $83 million in capital investment.


Established in Kansas City, Kan., in 1988, Zeolyst International has grown to become an international leader in high-performance zeolites, catalysts and absorbents, which uses include removing pollutants from air streams, and petroleum refining, petrochemical production. The company combines the product development and manufacturing expertise in zeolites and catalysts from its parent companies, PQ Corporation and the Shell Global Solutions affiliate CRI/Criterion Inc., into a single entity that handles the entire development and commercialization of zeolite applications.The company’s corporate office is in Pennsylvania, and it has another manufacturing facility in Delfzijl, The Netherlands.