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LA: TCG Process Expands International Presence With U.S. HQ in New Orleans

Mar 24, 2021
As its customer base and opportunities have grown in the U.S. market, TCG Process has made a strategic decision to expand global operations in the United States with a headquarters location in New Orleans, Louisiana. The technology company specializes in creating efficiencies for clients through document capture, business intelligence, robotic process automation, and customization.
“TCG Process’s expansion in Greater New Orleans is another example of international technology companies choosing our region,” said Michael Hecht, President and CEO of Greater New Orleans, Inc.  “With our combination of low costs and world-class culture, including outstanding software incentives, New Orleans is becoming a go-to choice for global software firms.”
The company has selected Bob Fresneda to lead the sales, marketing, professional services and customer support these operations. He has established and managed other RPA, capture, process automation and content services organizations in the past.
The headquarters for the U.S. subsidiary is located in New Orleans, where Fresneda has established and managed other RPA, capture, process automation and content services organizations in the past. Their operations are located in Club Discovery, a Bywater co-working space for innovators, entrepreneurs and technologists.
“Despite having operations around the globe, TCG fits the mold of New Orleans technology companies by bringing new solutions to legacy business problems,” said Chris Reade, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Club Discovery. “I’m glad to see that our space has helped TCG Process acclimate to not only the local but also the entire U.S. market.”
With wholly-owned subsidiaries in Germany, Poland, Portugal, Chile, Brazil, and Canada, the TCG Process parent company out of Baar, Switzerland, is forming its newest entity to build upon the success of its process automation platform, DocProStar, in the United States. Many of the customers and partners that TCG Process does business with today also operate in the US. Additionally, the process automation market is still experiencing growth and benefiting from advanced technologies like those in the TCG product suite. TCG’s executive management team decided this was the right time for an expansion which makes both good business and geographical sense.
“Bob has an established network of people who enjoy his high energy and win-win approach with employees, customers and partners – all of whom together offer the best technology and people in this strategic US market” said Arnold von Büren, founder and CEO of TCG Process globally. “In our search for the best CEO to run the US we talked to industry analysts and board members of large companies in our space and chose Bob to expand our presence. Bob will be in a global leadership position as part of our internal executive management team at TCG.”
“Bob has been deeply involved in the capture and business process automation software business for many years. He successfully built up and led the ReadSoft business in the US and so he knows how to work with and help European companies in this area expand into the US. I think he is an excellent choice and will be successful for Arnold and TCG who has been recruiting a number of talented individuals from our industry. We at Infosource will look forward to following TCG’s progress as they expand,” said Harvey Spencer, VP Infosource Software Division.
“TCG Process is clearly an example of a successful international company that put technology development in front of marketing so expanding into this large, strategic market is a position that TCG Process has earned. The products are amazing so to share this unique capability of a unified interface and a unified modern platform to deliver automated straight through processing for customers and partners is a great opportunity for the US and global markets,” shared Bob Fresneda. “I am proud of my career experiences which will allow TCG to leverage my knowledge and network in RPA, document process automation, workflow and capture to create the programs needed to grow and manage this business.”
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