Schlumberger Breaks Ground on State-of-the-Art Facility; Create 400 New Jobs; Invest $48M | Trade and Industry Development

Schlumberger Breaks Ground on State-of-the-Art Facility; Create 400 New Jobs; Invest $48M

Mar 25, 2009

Senior officials from Schlumberger Limited joined Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Mayor Cedric B. Glover, state and local elected leaders and business and economic development leaders to announce and celebrate the company’s decision to locate a state of the art facility that enhances and substantially grows the company’s existing area operations. The announcement included a ground-breaking ceremony at the new location, 2675 Valley View Drive in Shreveport.

“At a time when the national economy is somewhat unsettling, to receive this level of commitment from one of the world’s most solid and successful business giants is a reflection of the unwavering belief and faith in our community that is shared by the citizens of Shreveport at all levels,” said Mayor Cedric B. Glover. The Mayor added, “I sincerely thank the NLEDF, City Council and State for taking the steps necessary to make this a reality. The City Council’s vote on the railroad crossing closure, in particular, was critical to this facility’s success. I applaud them for their willingness to listen to the facts, critically review the options and make a decision with impacts far beyond even this worthy endeavor.”

Governor Jindal said, “Growing existing Louisiana businesses is vital to the future of our state and our economic prosperity. Schlumberger’s decision to expand in Louisiana will create good-paying jobs, strengthen the local economy and improve the quality of life for the people of this community.”

Schlumberger’s plan is to renovate the existing 250,000 square foot warehouse Valley View site into maintenance shops, laboratory facilities and office space. “We ultimately will convert this compound into a state of the art facility that will enhance our regional operations and provide our clients with optimum service using high-tech equipment and highly skilled labor,” offered Trent Lee, Well Service Southeast Basin Manager with Schlumberger. “We appreciate the area’s support in working with us over a number of months to handle important issues and make this happen,” added Mr. Lee.

“We appreciate Schlumberger joining hands with the City and State to break ground on a new regional home in Shreveport that will create 400 new jobs over the next three to four years. Unfortunately, across the country companies are closing their doors, workers are unemployed and many cities cannot offer the opportunity of jobs to its citizens.” said Harold Turner, Chairman, Northwest Louisiana Economic Development Foundation.

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