MD: Pallet Maker Opens Facility in South Baltimore, to Hire 50 | Trade and Industry Development

MD: Pallet Maker Opens Facility in South Baltimore, to Hire 50

Jan 19, 2021
A wood pallet manufacturer with a wide Mid-Atlantic footprint has opened a new facility in South Baltimore.
Greenway Products & Services LLC wants to hire as many as 50 employees to staff the Hollins Ferry Road plant. The company’s responsibilities include pallet manufacturing as well as mulch production, wood recycling, sorting and packaging. Some of the work is automated.
Pallets are used to store and ship products, including bulk food and beverages, landscape pavers, and cabinets, lowering the costs associated with handling.
The expansion supports rapid growth in online shopping and joins the emerging network of warehouses fulfilling business and home deliveries in the region, Greenway Products & Services LLC said in a news release.
“Our new site and equipment are investments we made to ensure we keep our customers’ business moving,” said Dave D’Amiano, Greenway’s vice president of sales, in a statement. The facility will produce over 20,000 pallets per week, supporting retailers and manufacturing logistics in several states.
The Lakeland location is eligible for a number of state tax credits, the company said, including one that incentivizes job creation.
In a statement, Colin Tarbert, president and CEO of the Baltimore Development Corp., said Greenway’s choice to expand in Baltimore reaffirms the city’s and state’s affinity for business owners.
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