MI: U.K. Company Spacebit to Open U.S. Office in Lansing in January | Trade and Industry Development

MI: U.K. Company Spacebit to Open U.S. Office in Lansing in January

Nov 21, 2019
Spacebit, a privately-owned UK company working on space data analytics tools and robotic concepts of space exploration that include AI and advanced micro-robotics, will open its US office in Lansing, MI, to help develop partnering and investment opportunities with US businesses already working on elements of building a lunar commerce ecosystem.
It will work closely with the recently announced Spacebit Accelerator in Luxembourg to nurture and grow lunar economy focused commercial space companies. It aims to seek out creative new ideas in space related businesses and provide investment capital, technical and financial advice, along with mentoring support to grow a portfolio of successful companies that can participate in the development of the nascent lunar economy.
The US office will help to establish stronger ties with existing US partners and collaboration as well as to create new partnerships in the development of a US supply chain for robotics hardware and software to support Spacebit’s planned campaign of commercial lunar exploration missions.
While known for its automotive sector, there are over 100,000 aerospace skilled trades and engineering jobs in Michigan already.  The robust and competitive parts manufacturing supply chain in Michigan already has considerable crossover between automotive and aerospace including advanced machining and welding technologies, composite manufacturing as well as additive manufacturing capacity using high performance alloys.  It is expected that this capacity will create additional aerospace jobs and new space start-ups in Michigan.
Chuck Lauer, the Chief Business Development Officer for Spacebit, will serve as the Managing Director for its US operations.
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