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Randolph County Receives Enhanced Enterprise Zone Designation

Aug 05, 2009

Department of Economic Development grants Enhanced Enterprise Zone designation to Randolph County

The Missouri Department of Economic Development (DED) has announced approval of Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) designation for Randolph County. This designation will allow county officials to continue to move forward with economic development efforts.

“For Missouri’s economy to get back on track, we must do everything we can to create good-paying jobs and encourage economic development,” DED Director Linda Martínez said. “I am pleased that DED is playing an active role in enhancing Randolph County’s economic development efforts.”

The Enhanced Enterprise Zone program was implemented in 2004. Enhanced enterprise zones are specified geographic areas designated by local governments and certified by the Department of Economic Development. Zone designation is based on certain demographic criteria, the potential to create sustainable jobs in a targeted industry and a demonstrated impact on local cluster development.

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