UT: MO: Simplified Environmental Solutions Expands Zero Waste to Landfill Operations to UT, MO | Trade and Industry Development

UT: MO: Simplified Environmental Solutions Expands Zero Waste to Landfill Operations to UT, MO

May 10, 2024
Simplified Environmental Solutions — based in St. Louis, Missouri — has a proven track record of engineering true zero waste to landfill management programs for businesses ranging from global consumer products to local specialty manufacturers.

Simplified Environmental Solutions (SES), an innovator in true zero waste to landfill material processing and management, has announced the opening of two new full-service locations: Salt Lake City, Utah and Kansas City, Missouri. The new locations are built to support the increasing demand from global consumer goods producers and other manufacturers looking to implement sustainability programs with zero waste to landfill benchmarks.

"We have achieved a level of zero waste to landfill success that exceeds what other solutions providers in this market can accomplish," says Chad DeGraffenreid, co-CEO, SES. "We build custom programs for each partner with a focus on reducing or eliminating the flow of waste to the landfill, and also embedding our people within their operation to develop plans to prevent the production of excess waste in their processes."

"This holistic approach helps us serve our partners from the beginning to the end of their manufacturing lifecycle while also helping those businesses achieve critical sustainability goals and reduce the amount of waste being buried in a landfill," says Brent Wheeler, co-CEO, SES.

Each of the new locations will carry the full range of service offerings from SES, including non-hazardous secondary material processing, recycling, reuse of raw material waste and scrap, controlled disposal of finished goods, food waste reuse and compost, and onsite waste and recycling consultation.

The company builds custom programs for each partner that examine each waste component to find a useful 'second life' for that material, either through traditional recycling or by finding another commercially viable use for that product.

"We combine the consultative nature of the work with the actual execution in a way that makes sustainability easy for our partners," says DeGraffenreid. "We're excited for this expansion and to show new generations of manufacturers that zero waste to landfill is attainable and rewarding."

The company has plans for future expansions throughout the United States. To learn more, visit ZeroWaste-SES.com.  

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