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NV: NNDA Deploys Manufacturing Recruitment Initiative in Sierra Region

Oct 06, 2010

The Washington, D.C.-based Manufacturing Institute and the Northern Nevada Development Authority recently announced the deployment of a national initiative to revitalize Nevada’s workforce and economy.  Developed by the Institute in 2005, Dream It. Do It. uses cutting-edge marketing to inform students, transitioning workers and military servicemen and women about exciting career opportunities in manufacturing and other key sectors to our community such as construction, healthcare, mining, renewable energy, public service and many others.  
Through mentoring in the school system and community outreach, the program places these individuals on educational pathways that result in both an academic degree and a nationally portable, industry-recognized skill credential that can ensure long term, high quality employment.  
While Dream It. Do It. is a nationally recognized program, it is unique because it identifies the efforts already underway in the region and seeks to bolster them rather than reinvent the wheel.  “Manufacturers nationwide consistently report a shortage of skilled workers.  We have developed national strategies to address the image misperceptions and recruitment challenges for manufacturers, but the real action must happen locally,” said Emily DeRocco, president, The Manufacturing Institute. “The leadership in Nevada is encouraging economic growth by developing a strong manufacturing workforce, and will set a positive tone for long-term economic stability.”
Dream It. Do It.’sorganic and inclusive approach focuses on enhancing communication about these existing opportunities to the community at large, while also establishing dynamic regional partnerships across the state.  The initiative also specializes in accessing state and federal funding for educational programs that combine applied science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education with nationally portable, industry-recognized skills credentials.  
A skilled workforce is the key for all sectors in Nevada, especially manufacturing, to thrive. “The Dream It. Do It. program is an example of how Nevada is stepping up to the plate to ensure an educated and skilled workforce for our local manufacturing base,” said NNDA Executive Director Rob Hooper.  “By cultivating local talent to fill high-quality jobs, we will continue to prove to existing and prospective employers that Nevada is a great place to do business, ensuring good opportunities for all Nevada’s residents and many generations to come.”  
Nevada is home to nearly 2,000 manufacturers, employing some 40,000 individuals in jobs that pay 18% more than other non-manufacturing industries.  Engaging the new generations to get the education and training necessary to pursue advanced manufacturing careers is critical to Nevada’s vision for expanding these numbers.    
“As manufacturers, the bottom line is that our ability to compete globally depends on the quality of our workforce,” said Ray Bacon, Executive Director of the Nevada Manufacturers’ Association.  “Dream It. Do It. will help ensure that current and new Nevada businesses can thrive right here in our own back yard.”
“Manufacturers and business owners are joining educators, workforce and economic development officials and political leaders in stepping up to the plate to support this,” said Collie Hutter, CFO and COO of Click Bond, Inc., a Carson City-based manufacturer of bonded fasteners for the aerospace industry.  “As employers, we must invest in programs that develop the skill sets enabling workers to find opportunity and our businesses to expand. While Dream It. Do It. is a program created by the Manufacturers, it’s an initiative that is meant to develop all industries for the sake of our state’s economic stability long term.  The program creates not just excitement around career opportunities, but it guarantees the certifications I need as an employer in order to put someone to work.”
“Nevada has a strong manufacturing base, which will allow us to diversify our economy and bounce back from this recession faster and stronger than most areas of the West,” said Hooper. “We have a huge opportunity to create a better future for our children and grandchildren.  Manufacturing and many other sectors provide great jobs, and a skilled workforce ensures that those employers can innovate, compete, and ultimately expand their operations here. The Dream It. Do It. initiative will help make this happen now and over the long-term.”
Western Nevada College is a key partner in the rollout of Dream It. Do It. WNC already has a winning track record of developing aligned educational and career pathways. With the addition of nationally portable, industry-recognized certifications to the program, WNC will have even a greater ability to continue offering their students access to high-quality manufacturing jobs. “Once we engage our students and make them aware of the opportunities in manufacturing, we need to continue to offer them accessible and relevant education and training so they can pursue those opportunities,” said Dr. Carol Lucey, president, Western Nevada College. “We will continue to respond to the needs of industry so that our students are world-class, high-performance employees.”
Dream It. Do It. is the primary focus of NNDA’s Workforce and Education Committee, comprised of 41 leaders from Carson, Douglas, Lyon, Storey and Washoe County School Districts; Western Nevada College; UNR; the Nevada Commission on Economic Development; the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation; Career and Technical Education representatives; and numerous others.
 “Dream It Do It. is a broad-based program that both the committee and GE is excited to embrace and launch,” said NNDA Workforce and Education Committee chairman and GE spokesman, Lee Bonner. “There are incredible careers waiting for students who focus on STEM education, and Dream It. Do It. will help to stimulate interest, provide realistic and achievable career paths, and help our community dramatically raise its family income levels through high paying manufacturing careers with the dynamic companies of our state.”


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