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NY: Accountability Launches U.S. Expansion, Establishes NYC Headquarters

Jan 12, 2021
Accountability, a leading financial management platform for marketing and advertising agencies, announced the company has established its U.S. headquarters in New York City. The expansion marks an important milestone for the Melbourne-based company and will help catalyze growth across the U.S. market.  
"We regard the New York office as the most important strategic asset for Accountability's global growth," said Terry McMillan, founder and CEO of Accountability. "And with CFOs requiring optimization and efficiency now more than ever, our financial management platform can play a critical role in helping agencies succeed."
"New York will be the hub for our global growth," said CEO Terry McMillan
Accountability's U.S. expansion will be led by recently appointed president Judd Rubin, a cross-industry expert in advertising, technology, and management consulting. In this role, Rubin is responsible for driving global revenue and strategic direction.
"Accountability has always been a product-driven company," McMillan said. "And now we're at a stage where we need to connect the product with the opportunity, and there's no one in this industry who can optimize growth acceleration better than Judd." 
Rubin joins Accountability from Hudson MX, where he was responsible for activating partnerships, identifying market opportunities, and leading cross-industry efforts. Prior to working at Hudson MX, he worked at Mediaocean and Comcast's Freewheel Advertisers. In those roles, he directed business relations with leading media companies, including Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.
"With the best agency financial management platform in the market, Accountability has positioned itself for rapid growth," Rubin said. "I have no doubt that this product will quickly become indispensable to agencies around the U.S., and I'm excited to lead the expansion."
Rubin announced that Joanne Miguel will be joining him in New York as Accountability's Chief Product Officer. Miguel will oversee global product strategy and marketing for the organization.
"Accountability specializes in understanding the unique needs of an agency and delivering industry-specific solutions," Rubin said. "I've worked with Joanne in the past and she is a true visionary at identifying clients' needs and incorporating them into our products."
Miguel brings more than two decades of experience building and delivering innovative solutions for agencies. Prior to joining Accountability, she led the global product marketing discipline at Integral Ad Science. Miguel also led the Product teams at Mediaocean and Freewheel Advertisers, working with major holding company brands and independent media agencies. While at Freewheel Advertisers, Miguel and Rubin collaborated on launching the industry's first buyer-centric OTT marketplace.
"I'm honored to be joining a global team of accomplished executives who are committed to pioneering new products that help agencies optimize their financial operations," Miguel said. "Now more than ever, CFOs need the right tools that will save their agencies time and money and yield the best results."
McMillan, a former agency CFO, equipped Accountability's platform with the specific tools that meet the unique needs of agency CFOs. 
"The marketing and ad agencies that use our platform report better results and improved performance across the board," McMillan said. "Now that Judd and Joanne are driving our revenue and marketing, New York will be the hub for our global growth." 
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