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Apply Now for TID's Annual CiCi Awards, Honoring Corporate Investment, Community Impact

Oct 27, 2022
To be considered for our CiCi Awards, you need to prepare your free-of-charge application detailing the 2022 announcements of outstanding economic development projects slated for your state. The deadline for applications is Friday, Nov. 18.

The coveted Corporate Investment and Community Impact (CiCi) Awards presentation in Trade & Industry Development (TID) is just around the corner—and we don’t want you to miss out!

To be considered for our CiCi Awards, you need to prepare your free-of-charge application detailing the 2022 announcements of outstanding economic development projects slated for your state. The deadline for applications is Friday, November 18, 2022.

We’re looking for facts about one or more important new projects announced in your state during the calendar year of 2022. We also want to know about exceptional expansion projects announced in your state during 2022. Announcements regarding jobs to be created and/or retained are great points of consideration for the award.

TID’s Corporate Investment and Community Impact Awards will be showcased in a special CiCi Awards Issue this winter, in print and in digital format. The CiCi Awards are comprised of the top 15 corporate investment projects and the top 15 community impact projects announced in 2022 as detailed in applications received from all 50 states.

Please note, the projects you submit need not be completed or even begun yet. What we are seeking are the announcements of these projects made during calendar year 2022.

Whether large or small, all projects are important, and we will consider up to 10 of them from each state. Some of the things we’d love to hear about include:

  • Significant capital investment projects.
  • Projects that will have a transformative impact on your community.
  • Projects that will result in an infusion of a large amount of jobs.
  • Projects that, while maybe not generating a huge number of jobs, will produce jobs that will have a profound impact on the area.
  • Projects that are helping communities recover from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As always, Trade & Industry Development understands the roles that economic developers play in serving their communities. Over the years, we’ve seen organizations take off their business recruitment hats and help rebuild from fire, storm, and flood. This year, it’s no different. While we can’t recognize everyone, we do want to acknowledge those whose creativity and results transformed a community – be it in the form of job creation, job retention, or because of your pandemic response.

Here’s what you need to do for consideration:  

We are requesting data on a maximum of up to 10 of your state’s top projects announced during 2022. You may divide your application in any configuration between the Corporate Investment category and the Community Impact category, but do not exceed 10 projects in total.

IMPORTANT: Please specify in which category you are submitting each project entry, as follows:

  • Projects considered for the Corporate Investment category are those with the largest numbers in investment and jobs created/retained.
  • Projects considered for the Community Impact category do not necessarily need to involve a high-capital investment. Instead, fundamental dynamics that will be created by the announced projects — lowering of existing unemployment figures in the location, mitigation efforts of the COVID-19 pandemic, payment of higher-than-average wages for the new jobs being created, mitigation of the effects of regional business closings, revitalization of the community landscape as a result of the project, or another creator of a positive economic, community and/or workforce elevation — will be considered for recognition.



Here's Your 2023 CiCi Award Application

Copy and Complete a Separate Application for Each Project to be Considered

The following 15 points of information are needed for EACH PROJECT to be considered. (Write N/A next to any question that does not apply to the project.)

Please submit this application in a Word document format (not a spreadsheet).

You Must Specify a Category: either Corporate Investment or Community Impact

  1. Name of company.
  2. Type of industry.
  3. Location (county, city, state).
  4. Is this a new project or an expansion of an existing project?
  5. Dollars invested by company (capital investment).
  6. What organizations, or economic development organizations, were involved?
  7. Dollars invested by an economic development team to attract the project, detailing: - type of financial package, i.e., incentives, tax credits/abatements, workforce credits, training programs. - from what level these incentives were granted (federal, state, local).
  8. Number of jobs to be created.
  9. Number of jobs to be retained (saved) due to this project.
  10. Tell the story, in detail, of the project - what the company does; size and scope of the project; anything unique about the project, such as FDI or reshoring; why it should be considered for an award; etc.
  11. Explain, in detail, how this project will affect and/or has affected, your region in a positive way. This is especially important if submitting an entry for the Community Impact category.
  12. Give us quotes from officials within the respective company that we may publish.
  13. A contact name, phone number and email address for us to contact should additional information be needed.
  14. Send a copy of a press release concerning the project. (In a Word document please, not a PDF.)
  15. The deadline for all entries is Friday, November 18, 2022.

Please email submissions and/or questions to:
Managing Editor Tracey Schelmetic at .

Very Important : The email subject line should say CiCi Award Entry and the name of your state. For example: CiCi Award Entry, Alabama.

(If you have received this message in error, please forward it to the appropriate contact within your organization to ensure your location doesn't miss this valuable opportunity to showcase its successes announced in 2022 to an audience actively seeking location options.)

This issue of TID will be specifically circulated to current corporate real estate executives, site selection consultants and commercial real estate executives.

We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me or Tracey Schelmetic, managing editor ( or 203-536-2071).


Scott D. Swoger
Trade & Industry Development
800-899-2676, ext. 236

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