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OH: Nexient Expands to the Columbus Region, Creating 200 Jobs

Apr 05, 2019
Nexient, the nation’s leading provider of 100 percent U.S.-based Agile software development services, has announced plans to locate its newest product development center in the Columbus Region, creating 200 new tech jobs. Hiring is already under way.
“JobsOhio is attracting more cutting-edge companies to our state, and we look forward to working with Nexient as it brings 200 new, high-tech jobs to Ohio,” said Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.
Nexient is creating its Columbus Product Development Center to help meet demand for its software “teams on tap.” The Silicon Valley-headquartered company has placed a major bet on America’s heartland, with the majority of its engineers, designers, and product managers based in Midwestern cities like Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Kokomo, Indiana. 
“Nexient is growing fast, so we have been looking for an additional talent market to accelerate that pace,” said Nexient CEO Mark Orttung. “Finding a place with the right combination of talent, quality of life, affordability and growth opportunities is essential to our success — and we believe we’ve found them all in the Columbus Region.” 
“We’ve also been delighted with the support from JobsOhio, which will partner with us in recruiting tech managers, developers and quality engineers to complement the Salesforce application development practice we’ve been growing in the Region,” added Orttung.
Nexient specializes in helping companies succeed with a product-minded software development approach focused on revenue growth and customer experience. The company’s 100 percent US workforce enables real-time client collaboration throughout the day and offers a domestic alternative to offshoring tech jobs. Nexient’s clients include high tech product companies and large enterprises across a wide range of industries, including retail, healthcare, financial services, media, utilities, manufacturing, logistics, and travel and hospitality.
“Nexient’s investment demonstrates Ohio’s ability to attract and serve growing, innovative companies,” said J.P. Nauseef, JobsOhio president and chief investment officer. “The Columbus Region offers the talent and economic environment needed for tech firms like Nexient to continue to scale and thrive.”
Fourteen Fortune 1000 headquarters and other major organizations with significant technology workforces have created an entire ecosystem of tech-related operations in the Columbus Region, spanning the healthcare, defense, finance and retail industries. The Wall Street Journal recently highlighted the city’s strong labor growth and university-rich talent pipeline as part of its jobs destination appeal.
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