OH: SCI Engineered Materials to Expand in Columbus, Create 50 Jobs

1 Mar, 2011

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The State Controlling Board recently approved a grant administered by the Ohio Department of Development that is expected to create 50 jobs and retain 26 positions. SCI Engineered Materials, Inc. will receive a $25,000 Rapid Outreach Grant that will aid economic growth, while leveraging more than $2.9 million in additional investment in the state.

SCI Engineered Materials, Inc. located in the City of Columbus (Franklin County), was established in 1987 and produces sputtering targets for the physical vapor deposition industry, and is a primary supplier of the automotive, solar, and thin film battery industries. In addition to the acquisition of new machinery and equipment, the company will produce transparent conductive oxide materials for use in the thin film solar cells industry.

The Rapid Outreach Grant is a grant program to assist companies and communities that are creating or retaining jobs in Ohio.

Working with our partners across business, state and local governments, academia, and the nonprofit sector, the Ohio Department of Development works to attract, create, grow, and retain businesses through competitive incentives and targeted investments. Engaged every day in marketing, innovating, investing, and collaborating, the Ohio Department of Development works at the speed of business to accelerate and support the teamwork that is necessary for success by providing financial, informational, and technical assistance to those making an investment in Ohio's future.

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