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OK: Carter Wind Turbines to Locate to Lawton, to Hire 300 Employees

Apr 12, 2021
Carter Wind Turbines (CWT) a subsidiary of Carter Wind Energy (CWE) has selected Lawton, Oklahoma as the location for their new wind energy company. CWT will hire 300 employees over the next 5 years, with initial capital investment calculated at $10 million. Lawton Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) made the announcement with company and state leaders during a press conference on Friday, April 9.
“As we evaluated locations for our facility, we were looking for long term partnerships that aligned with our vision and we found this in Oklahoma and the Lawton community,” stated CWE President and CEO Matt Carter. “Oklahoma was compelling because they understand industry, thoroughly know energy, streamlined the site selection process, and their leadership demonstrated commitment and interest in the project. We know we will be successful by locating here.”
“Bringing quality jobs and investment to our community is essential and we are excited to be making this announcement today,” said LEDC President Brad Cooksey. “We look forward to this long-term partnership as Carter Wind Turbines compliments and diversifies our local economy. Lawton is committed to supporting this company from the beginning through all phases of construction and operation and for many years to come.”
“Oklahoma has again demonstrated why we are a Top 10 State,” said Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt. “I had the opportunity to meet with Matt Carter during his decision-making process and it was clear we had an aligned vision for success. We are so glad to welcome Carter Wind Turbines to Oklahoma.”
CWE evaluated multiple states prior to selecting Lawton, Oklahoma. The presence of Fort Sill military base, an experienced energy labor force, and Oklahoma’s Careertech programs were a key factor in selecting Lawton, knowing that potential hires with the necessary skillsets are available. Positions will include assembly, technician, installation, and maintenance. Plans are to begin hiring this Summer.
The technology developed in Lawton will be used to replace diesel fuel with wind power, especially in remote and developing economies where 50% or more of income is spent on energy. The CWE turbine is medium-sized (300 and 500 kW) and self-erecting, portable, and designed for utility, distributed, and micro-grid power generation applications in remote, extreme environment locations that are not viable with conventional wind turbine technologies. The initial target market is 160+ Alaskan villages and 350+ Canadian communities that are off-grid powered. CWE recently received two US Department of Energy Grants to continue development and improve access to affordable and reliable electricity, resulting in social and economic benefits for communities who currently don’t have access. 
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