PA: Governor Corbett Announces 150 New Jobs in the Philadelphia Region

27 Sep, 2011

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Governor Tom Corbett today announced the creation of 150 new jobs in the Philadelphia area due to the opening of Renmatix, a leading producer of cellulosic sugars for the global renewable fuels and chemicals markets.

“I’m happy to announce 150 new, well-paying, economy growing jobs for this region,” said Corbett. “Renmatix is placing its headquarters here in King of Prussia because of the talent that exists in this part of Pennsylvania. My administration is helping them to accomplish this through careful investment and enthusiastic assistance.”

Renmatix uses a novel, proprietary process to produce sugars that can replace petroleum products in fuels, chemicals and materials.

“Renmatix turns the byproducts most lumber yards throw away into a sugar-based stock that can be used in dozens of ways,” said Corbett. “In the years to come, their product will save on oil and use green technology to make products and power our cars -- all while cutting pollution.”

Renmatix currently has a demonstration facility in Georgia and has located its headquarters and technology center in King of Prussia. The new facility brings more than 150 sustainable jobs to the Philadelphia region.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to locate our headquarters and technical center in Pennsylvania,” stated Mike Hamilton, CEO of Renmatix. “The ease of working with Governor Corbett’s administration, the incredible technical talent in the region, and the attractive economic climate all combined to make Pennsylvania the perfect partner for Renmatix.”

“The location of Renmatix to the region was a team effort of state and local partners who recognized the significant future potential for Greater Philadelphia,” said Tom Morr, president & CEO of Select Greater Philadelphia. “The company recognized the depth of high-quality of talent in material science here. The decision to locate its HQ and research in Greater Philadelphia will help put the region at the head of the renewable materials movement.”

Gov. Corbett’s remarks followed a roundtable discussion between industry leaders highlighting the role and economics of cellulosic sugar.

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