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PA: New Company to Provide PPE Products, Creating 50+ Jobs

Jun 04, 2020
After witnessing firsthand the impact COVID-19 had on our nation, Timberlane quickly transitioned its core business from window shutters to face shields in early March 2020. After hiring 300+ temporary workers and assembling over 1,000,000 face shields for essential workers, the future of the world post-COVID-19 was beginning to become much more clear. As the country began to slowly reopen, Red Cape Essentials was born.
"After experiencing a tremendous demand for emergency PPE products such as face shields and intubation shields, coupled with the significant challenges associated with reopening society and businesses as a result of COVID-19, we decided to create a new and permanent business which will focus on personal safety products, protective barriers and other engineered solutions focused around social distancing," states Rick Skidmore, CEO and Founder of Timberlane, Inc.
While the unemployment rate continues to climb, the formation of Red Cape Essentials creates not only an entirely new company, it also means more available jobs during a time when many companies are laying people off or downsizing. In addition, Red Cape Essentials recently purchased a 30,000 sq ft facility which will be available by the end of June in order to support the new business and anticipates the creation of approximately 50-75 new jobs within the first year of operation.
Red Cape Essentials' primary focus will be to provide necessary safety and social distancing products for offices, schools, restaurants, manufacturing, transportation, and retail spaces. As society attempts to navigate a new "norm", there has been a strong demand in various sectors for solutions that allow people to safely interact with one another. This is their mission. 
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