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SC: RX Industries Expanding Operations in Beaufort Co., Creating 13 Jobs

Nov 17, 2021
RX Industries, a precision, high-quality computer numerical control (CNC) machine shop, announced plans to expand operations in Beaufort County. The company’s $9.08 million investment will create 13 new jobs.
Founded in 2020, RX Industries specializes in close-tolerance, multi-axis CNC machining and custom solutions for the medical devices, aerospace, defense, munitions and other industries.
RX Industries is purchasing a larger facility located at 16 Finch Street on Hilton Head Island. The new facility will grow the company’s machining capacity to accommodate increased customer demand.
The expansion is expected to be complete in the second quarter of 2022. Individuals interested in joining the RX Industries team should visit the company’s contact page. 
"For many years, I had a home on Hilton Head Island but traveled across the United States for work. I told people that my wife and kids lived on Hilton Head, and I unfortunately lived in a hotel. I had enough of this lifestyle choice and, together with my brother, made the investment to establish RX Industries on Hilton Head Island. Today, I'm very pleased to say that my business is expanding and my company's growth is happening in a place that I love. We look forward to RX Industries continuing to grow in the defense, aerospace and medical sectors. We also are thrilled to be working with Beaufort County's school district in an effort to expose students to the exciting world of precision machining." -RX Industries Owner Tom Rougeux
“It’s always exciting when one of South Carolina’s homegrown companies expands. We congratulate RX Industries on their rapid growth in Beaufort County, and look forward to many more years of continued success.” -Gov. Henry McMaster
“The success that we’ve seen in economic development in South Carolina is due to great companies like RX Industries continuing to invest and showing their commitment to South Carolinians. Today, we celebrate not only a manufacturing win within our borders, but the growth of one of our existing businesses.” -Secretary of Commerce Harry M. Lightsey III
"Industry is showing that it is able to thrive on Hilton Head Island. In fact, we are beginning to establish a strong defense contractor cluster amongst our existing companies. RX Industries is one of these defense contractors, and their growth means great things for Hilton Head Island. The high-tech computer numerical control (CNC) machining RX Industries employs is solving problems in the aerospace, defense and medical industries. We are thankful to have them on Hilton Head Island." -Beaufort County Councilman Larry McElynn
“SouthernCarolina Alliance salutes RX Industries on their decision to invest in the people of our communities, and we congratulate Beaufort County on growing their manufacturing base. RX Industries is another great example of the precision machining companies that our region and state are well known for producing. We have the right workforce and training to support advanced manufacturing, automotive and aerospace companies, which demand excellence, and we are proud that RX Industries chose our region as a place to grow their business.” -SouthernCarolina Alliance Chairman Marty Sauls
"The economic diversity that RX Industries brings to Hilton Head Island is exactly what we need. Not only are they providing excellent-paying, high-tech jobs, but they are making an assertive effort to involve our local apprenticeship programs and the Beaufort County School District. Having young people learn about the opportunities in high-tech manufacturing is priceless and helps pave a brighter path for our youth. Thank you to RX Industries for your investment." -Hilton Head Island Mayor John McCann
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