TN: Memphis-Based Ampro Industries to Expand, Create 15 Jobs

21 May, 2020

After 73 years in business, Memphis-based personal care product manufacturer Ampro Industries is planning a major expansion to serve a new and growing base of customers.
´╗┐EDGE awarded the company a four-year Jobs PILOT to encourage it to create 15 new jobs with an average salary of more than $32,000 and invest $6 million for new manufacturing machinery at its 4171 Steele Street location. The expansion will allow Ampro to double its production speed, allowing the company to remain in its Frayser plant.
Ampro has been successfully developing new product lines and expanding to new markets but the increased demand has pushed production to its limit with current capacity. This new investment will allow the company to modernize old production lines and install new lines.
The project will generate more than $450,000 in local tax revenues during the PILOT term.