TX: Armbrust American Hiring Over 60 Workers to Manage Growth

30 Jul, 2020

Following enormous demand for surgical masks just months after launching, Armbrust American continues its growth at a rapid pace and is hiring a large number of factory workers at its Austin-based facility to process orders from consumers and government contracts.
Armbrust American saw 1.46 million orders a week after launching, and has since signed contracts to provide billions of masks to state governments, private businesses, and other essential workers. The company, which is open to additional outside investment, is currently ramping up to produce 1.2 million masks per day, with plans to scale production to billions annually. It now has seven total lines running, with room to activate a total of 15 at its existing factory. That makes the need for hardworking individuals all the more crucial.
"Because so much manufacturing is outsourced to places like China, there is a shortage of working class jobs at a time when Americans need them the most," said Armbrust American founder and CEO Lloyd Armbrust. "Fortunately, our mission to return strategic manufacturing to the U.S. is producing new job opportunities for people of all stripes."
Making things more urgent, the recent resurgence of COVID-19 cases across the country combined with a shortage of surgical masks from international suppliers means American companies are the last line of defense for providing PPE where it's needed most. "In terms of the really good-quality N95 masks, there's a bottleneck because you can't just set up a new company and start selling those things. It's months of regulation," Armbrust recently told Marketplace.
Specifically, the company has an immediate need for QA Inspectors, Machine Operators, and Mechanical Engineers. Perks include 80 hours of paid vacation, 80 hours of paid sick leave annually, health/dental/vision insurance, hourly raises every six months, daily on-site free lunch, and personal protective equipment in a controlled environment to ensure the safety of all workers.