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TX: Peloton to Expand Plano Campus, Seeks to Add 1,600 Jobs

Dec 15, 2020
Peloton announced it is adding 103,750 square feet of space to its Peloton Plano Campus. The additional space gives the company room to expand its current business and add 1,600 jobs in its North Texas office.
“One of the main reasons we chose to open our Plano Campus in 2018 was the centralized location and deep pool of customer support and technology expertise in the region,” said Mariana Garavaglia, Peloton’s chief business operations officer. “Peloton has grown tremendously in the last two years, and we’re thrilled this larger footprint will allow us to bring key leadership and managerial roles, along with additional entry-level positions to the area.”
Peloton continues to invest in the region and anticipates growing its workforce in the foreseeable future. The company plans to hire employees across a variety of areas in the new site — including sales, field operations and corporate functions including finance and enterprise technology.
“Thanks to Texas’ business-friendly climate, cutting-edge companies like Peloton are choosing to expand their footprint in the Lone Star State,” said Governor Greg Abbott. “Our successful model of low taxes, workforce investment and reasonable regulations make Texas the premier economic destination for innovative companies to grow and flourish. I am grateful to Peloton for expanding its presence in Plano and bringing 1,600 new jobs to the community. Together, we will create an even more prosperous future for the state of Texas.”
“The City of Plano is ready for the ride with Peloton. Their commitment to expanding up to about 1,600 new team members in Plano solidifies the collaboration and partnership we enjoy with this growing company. Their innovation and our excellence is a perfect fit,” said Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere.
The original Peloton Plano Campus will remain in its current location with the additional square footage located in an adjacent one-story building. Subject to state and local requirements and approvals, the newly expanded offices are scheduled to open in summer 2021 and will quadruple Peloton’s total square footage at Legacy Central to 131,268 square feet. In addition to office space, the Plano Campus will serve as a Peloton corporate training hub and include a fully-equipped employee fitness center with Peloton bikes and treads.
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