UT: Austrian Health Promotion Company opens U.S. Headquarters in Salt Lake City

26 Apr, 2011

Program from the Salzburg Medical Center helps determine the proper mattress
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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Institute Proschlaf, a 117 year old company from Salzburg, Austria has opened a U.S. subsidiary in Salt Lake City. The Utah business unit, Spineotic USA, is involved in the customized wellness industry.

Spineotic USA will offer health care professionals training to manage Sleep Solution Centers, where special assessments on the patented Spineotic Simulators are offered. These assessments provide the foundation for clients to customize their sleep support systems.

“We are very excited to bring our research and technologies to Utah” says Hans Malzl, President of Institute Proschlaf. “We base our sleep solution products on a patented system developed under the leadership of Dr. Andreas Kainz, Chief Doctor at the Hospital of Vienna, Austria. After many years of pioneering "Physical Sleep Research", the Institute has developed a method, by which orthopedically correct sleep devices such as mattresses and pillows can be identified and produced for every individual, at reasonable prices.

“We want to be a major player and responsible Utah corporate citizen and participate in Utah’s Life Science Cluster. We are in Utah for the long term.” says Malzl.

Spineotic USA is planning to create 20 Sleep Solution Centers at local health care providers throughout Utah and license local mattress producers to manufacture these customized sleep support systems which include mattresses and pillows. The company expects 2012 revenues of more than 8 million dollars.

“We welcome European companies in Utah who create jobs and help strengthen our economy,” said Franz Kolb, Director for Europe in the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. “International Business with Europe has been increasing exponentially. Utah’s exports to Europe doubled between 2005 and 2010. Europeans are the largest international investors in Utah.”

Doubling Utah’s international business in the next five years is a goal of Governor Gary Herbert. Currently over 2,800 companies in Utah who do business internationally with exports exceeding $13 billion last year. The State is working on expanding and developing new international business relationships. It is actively looking for foreign investment in Utah companies and promoting our exports to the world, so the goal of doubling our international business can be realized.


INSTITUTE PROSCHLAF – Salzburg Medical Center Schallmoos
A-5020 Salzburg, Schallmooser Hauptstr. 51, +43-662-8822350, E-Mail: info@proschlaf.at,www.proschlaf.com
Representative office in Utah: Sleep Solution Center Wm. Karl Bennion, Salt Lake City, 801-550-1700

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