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UT: Ionic Mineral Technologies Announces Major Expansion of Production Facility in Provo

May 20, 2024

Ionic Mineral Technologies (Ionic MT), a pioneer in nano-silicon battery anode technology, proudly announces a major expansion of its production facility in Provo, Utah. This expansion underscores Ionic MT’s unwavering commitment to the clean energy sector and the local economy. The newly developed space will include 37,000 square feet of advanced manufacturing facilities, 7,000 square feet of Class 1 office space, and 5,000 square feet of state-of-the-art R&D laboratories, bringing Ionic MT’s total facility footprint to over 74,000 square feet.

“Our ongoing expansions embody Ionic MT’s dedication to innovation and sustainability”Post this

This expansion heralds a significant milestone in the commercialization of Ionisil™, a nano-silicon anode material engineered for the next-generation of lithium-ion batteries. Compatible with existing lithium-ion battery cell production lines, Ionisil™ promises to revolutionize battery performance by enhancing anode capacity up to sevenfold and significantly reduce battery charging time.

Scheduled for completion by September 2024, this facility expansion provides line-of-sight for 7,000 tons of annual capacity. At the leading energy density offered by Ionisil™, this represents one of the nation’s largest anode material facilities. By replacing a portion of graphite anode material, Ionic MT can supply over 1,000,000 EVs with next-generation materials for fast-charging and extended-range.

“Our ongoing expansions embody Ionic MT’s dedication to innovation and sustainability,” said Andre Zeitoun, CEO of Ionic MT. “Expanding our facilities is more than physical growth; it underscores our dedication to innovation and establishing a robust, domestic supply chain for critical battery materials. This new facility will play a pivotal role in supporting the national and global transition towards EV mass adoption.”

Ionic MT employs a patented, environmentally friendly continuous production process that facilitates efficient production scaling while minimizing costs and environmental impact. The facility will process Halloysite feedstock from Ionic MT’s vertically integrated, IRA-compliant mineral reserve, promoting a sustainable and resilient U.S. battery supply chain.

This initiative builds on the momentum of Ionic MT’s original facility in Provo, which has emerged as a hub for next generation battery material innovation & production. Strategically located less than 40 miles away from permitted mineral reserves, Ionic MT removes thousands of miles from today’s typical anode material supply chain centered around China. Ionic MT remains committed to collaborating with global industrial partners and local stakeholders to foster material innovation and support the rapid growth of the clean energy sector.

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