American Honda Motor Company – Troy, Ohio | Trade and Industry Development

American Honda Motor Company – Troy, Ohio

American Honda Motor Company has selected Troy, Ohio as the location for a major new-construction/expansion project. The new Honda facility, covering 500,000 square feet, will house a domestic parts supplier distribution hub and a procurement operations office. The hub will replenish American Honda's nine other distribution centers in the United States. Honda has purchased approximately 58 acres next to its existing operation, which has been in Troy since 1986. Construction will begin in spring of 2006 and will be completed in early 2007. In addition to the land investment immediately on I-75, Honda plans to make a total capital invesment of $89 million, of which $64 million will be allocated to personal property and $25 million to construction of the new facility. This facility will allow the company to retain 100 current procurement employees and create 110 new jobs.