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Automatic Data Processing — El Paso, Texas

While it is already renowned as one of the world’s largest providers of payroll and tax filing services, Automatic Data Processing (ADP) will be even more prominent in El Paso, Texas. That’s because a new ADP facility in El Paso is expected to create more than 1,000 new jobs. For the new hires, ADP won’t just process the paychecks, ADP will sign them. A $3 million grant from the Texas Enterprise Fund helped lure the ADP expansion to El Paso, along with the region’s highly skilled, bi-lingual workforce and excellent quality of life. Texas is also providing $900,000 in workforce development funds to ensure that local workers have the skills they need, such as client management and communication abilities, strong computer skills and accounting backgrounds, to succeed at ADP. ADP's Solution Center will provide business-to-business support as the company focuses on inbound calls to assist clients using ADP’s payroll-related applications as well as ADP’s automotive-dealer-related products and services. “We are pleased to be expanding our presence in the State of Texas with the opening of a new Solutions Center in El Paso,” commented Gary C. Butler, president and chief operating officer of ADP. “As an industry leader, we are able to offer our ADP associates a comprehensive benefits package, ongoing training, and professional development, providing the opportunity for personal and career growth.” “From the state’s total investment, Texas will reap a strong return six times greater than the tax dollars spent up front, and that’s just in terms of ADP’s $23.8 million capital investment,” said Governor Rick Perry.