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NASA Shared Services – Stennis Space Center, Mississippi

Unlike other projects, the NASA Shared Services project involved a federal A-76 contract procurement process. Mississippi and Louisiana teamed with Computer Services Corporation (CSC) to bid the NASA-Stennis Space Center site in Mississippi. CSC’s proposal offered the “lowest and best” financial commitment to the project, according to NASA. The proposal for the Mississippi site showed an available, competent workforce from the Mississippi/Louisiana region, relatively lower labor costs than other regions and lower capital costs based on strong local and state government financial commitments. Through the NASA contract, CSC will provide approximately 500 jobs at an average annual salary of $50,000 in addition to the $230 million contract payment from NASA. A 10-year commitment is required for this contract and job creation (5 years with a 5-year renewal option). Additionally, CSC will seek to augment this center with service contracts for other agencies. A target of 1,500 jobs has been set.