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Steel Development Corporation - Amory, Mississippi


Amory, Mississippi, south of Tupelo. The project began as a venture of EcoSteel Recycling, LLC under the leadership of Lou Colatriano, who is now president of Long Products at SDCO.
The $200 million facility will recycle steel scrap, producing 300,000 tons of rebar annually using Continuous Bar Production (CBP) technology, an innovative process that provides increased product flexibilities and plant yield while requiring lower energy and manpower inputs. This steel mill expects to create 150 jobs and to play an important role in hurricane rebuilding and infrastructure improvements in the Southeastern United States.
“Amory is our first example of taking a traditional steel product and creating efficiencies and competitive advantages through redefining the production process,” said Colatriano.
“We know some will question the launch of a new company in this challenging financial environment,” said Aldo Mazzaferro, the CFO of SDCO. “But the current situation has not cooled our enthusiasm – or that of our equity capital investors – for our business model. We believe this timing actually enhances our ability to capitalize on the possibilities that will emerge as the world’s economy regains its footing.”