LSP Automotive Systems Ltd -- Union County, South Carolina


Union County, South Carolina, population approximately 20,000, feels fortunate to have been chosen by LSP, a “start-up” auto supplier, to build a new sheet metal stamping facility to supply BMW with body parts for automobiles manufactured in Greer, South Carolina. LSP will initially invest $45 million and employ 75 to100 people when the plant opens in full production in 2008, and reach a total generated investment of $96 million and employ 130 when it reaches its five-year goal, which has the potential to be doubled by year 10. The announcement is said to represent the largest investment in Union County in recent years. Initial investment will be $45 million in equipment, tooling and facilities. Phase II expansion would include an additional $45 million investment. There is also potential for a Phase III and possibly a Phase IV expansion, each of which would include an additional $35 million investment in equipment, tooling and facilities. LSP may also develop a regional training facility at the location and is cautiously optimistic LSP suppliers may chose to relocate in Union County.



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