Ernst & Young LLP's 2012 US Investment Monitor Shows Increased Investment in New Facilities and Jobs

24 May, 2012

Companies continue to invest in the US economy and businesses show strong levels of investment in new and upgraded facilities, according to the 2012 US Investment Monitor (USIM) prepared by the Quantitative Economics and Statistics (QUEST) practice of Ernst & Young LLP. The report analyzes major US business investment projects in each state and focuses on mobile capital investments, defined as projects that are not tied to specific geographic markets, natural resources or other constraints. The 2012 USIM analyzed 5,000 business investments, which account for $135 billion of capital investment in business facilities and more than 336,000 jobs announced in the US in 2011. Capital investments are highest in states with substantial energy sectors, primarily Louisiana, Texas and Pennsylvania. The Gulf and East Coast has the highest number of announced jobs, led by Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio. This year's study shows that energy projects are shaping the landscape, the automotive industry remains a creator of significant jobs, and the US continues to be an important location for advanced manufacturing facilities.

Provided by: Ernst & Young LLP

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