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Development News | March 26, 2019
Air Force Seeks Additional F-35As, KC-46s in Unfunded Priorities List   

The Air Force wants to buy 12 additional F-35A strike fighters and three more KC-46 tankers as part of its $2.8 billion fiscal 2020 unfunded... More>>

Development News | March 25, 2019
AL: GE Aviation to Expand at Innovative Auburn Facility, Creating 60 Jobs   

GE Aviation plans to invest $50 million to expand the additive manufacturing operation at its Auburn facility, the aerospace industry’s first site... More>>

Development News | March 13, 2019
KY: Meyer Tool to Create 100 Jobs with New Boone County Facility   

High-tech manufacturer Meyer Tool Inc. plans to locate a new facility in Boone County, a move expected to create 100 jobs. More>>

Agency | March 11, 2019
Thomasville/Thomas County Payroll Dev. Authority   


Development News | March 8, 2019
VA: Dynovis Inc. to Create 44 New Jobs in Rockbridge County   

Dynovis Inc. will invest $592,000 to establish a new manufacturing operation in Rockbridge County, creating 44 new jobs. More>>

Development News | March 8, 2019
TN: Stulz Air to Establish Manufacturing Plant in Dayton, Creating 250 Jobs   

STULZ Air Technology Systems Inc. will establish manufacturing operations in Dayton, investing $2 million and creating 250 new jobs. More>>

Development News | March 7, 2019
LA: New Helicopter to be Assembled in Lafayette, Bringing 275+ Jobs   

Switzerland-based Kopter Group AG will assemble its new SH09 helicopter in Lafayette, Louisiana, for customers throughout the Americas. More>>

Development News | March 5, 2019
Air Force Allocates $3.4 Billion to Modernize B-52s Over 5 Years   

The U.S. Air Force is planning to keep its fleet of 76 Boeing B-52H Stratofortress bombers in service until at least 2050, reports Aviation... More>>

Development News | February 27, 2019
NC: $25 Million Maritime Training Center to Open in Currituck County   

A maritime center with a pool big enough to hold a small ship and simulate hurricane conditions is set to open in Currituck County in two years,... More>>

Development News | February 27, 2019
FL: Firefly Aerospace Plans Cape Canaveral Facility, Creating 200 Jobs   

Firefly Aerospace announced plans for a mass production facility and Cape Canaveral launch site. which could create 200 jobs. More>>


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