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Renowned for its endless sunshine and picturesque landscapes, Arizona has earned a reputation as a technology and manufacturing powerhouse

Solving the Skills Shortage: How Workforce-Savvy Arizona Attracts Top Talent

Renowned for its endless sunshine and picturesque landscapes, Arizona has earned a reputation as a technology and manufacturing powerhouse.

Louisiana provides access to international trade routes via six Mississippi River deep draft ports – including the Port of Greater Baton Rouge, just upriver from Louisiana State University’s iconic Tiger Stadium – which combine to carry 25 percent of all U.S. waterborne commerce. Photo Courtesy of Tim Mueller Photography

Louisiana Skillfully Navigates Choppy Economic Waters

The return on those investments is higher than ever in today’s interconnected global economy. As supply chain logistics grow ever more critical and co...

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Washington Leads the Way

Fueled by centuries of creativity and collaboration, Washington has fundamentally changed the world we live in, from the way we travel to what we eat ...


America's Ports and Depots Broaden Access to Markets

2021 was in interesting year for the nation’s ports and depots. The pandemic led to a surge of goods purchasing. Many of these goods were ordered via ...

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Arkansas’ Growth Attracts Business and Talent

Not only does Arkansas have a workforce that’s second to none and a low cost of living, but we also work hard to build an environment that makes doing...

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Michigan Paves the Way for the Future of EV

Michigan consistently ranks as the number-one site for automotive and mobility R&D, and Michigan’s automakers continue to help build an economy that i...

America’s Top Sites for Business Prosperity

America’s Top Sites for Business Prosperity in 2022

Companies today have a list of features that are important to them when choosing a location to build or expand. Trade & Industry Development has put t...

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Aluminum Gets Stronger Under Global Pressure

Volatility in aluminum prices over the past decade resulted in many starts and stops in investment, with aluminum site selection activity trailing the...

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2022 Brings Unique Challenges to the Global Supply Chain

As we approach a third year of COVID-19, businesses are still facing supply chain disruptions. There is no single root cause for the problem. We began...

Between 2015 and 2025, The Port of Virginia will have invested $1.5 billion in its infrastructure – creating a network of six terminals that can handle any type of cargo. Photo Courtesy of Virginia International Gateway

Strengthening the Spirit of Virginia

Virginia’s historic leadership position can be attributed to a number of assets, including a pro-business environment, top-tier education system, and ...