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Industry News | August 12, 2019
Study: Office Relocation Positively Affects 68% of U.S. Employees   

Most employees say the benefits of office relocation outweigh the challenges, according to a new Clutch survey of 503 full-time employees. More>>

Industry News | August 5, 2019
MS: Gov. Phil Bryant Announces Space Initiative and Space Force    

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant announced a new economic development Space Initiative and formation of the Mississippi National Guard Space Directorate.... More>>

Industry News | August 5, 2019
Gen Z to The Rescue as Manufacturing Faces a ‘Silver Tsunami’   

2019 L2L Manufacturing Index reveals Generation Z’s interest in manufacturing, but the industry needs to fight for their attention and... More>>

Industry News | August 5, 2019
ISA Announces Founding Members of Global Cybersecurity Alliance   

The International Society of Automation (ISA) announced in July the first Founding Members of its new Global Cybersecurity Alliance (GCA). More>>

Industry News | July 29, 2019
FL: Top Companies, Leaders Form Central Florida Tech Alliance   

The Central Florida Tech Alliance has assembled a community of top companies and leaders to showcase the growth of the region's tech ecosystem. More>>

Industry News | July 29, 2019
Study: Global Tech Giants Most Active Acquirers in AI Tech Space   

The deal-making landscape in the artificial intelligence (AI) tech space during 2014–2018 was dominated by global tech giants, according to... More>>

Industry News | July 29, 2019
Lockheed to Move F-35 Jet Parts Sourcing to U.S. from Turkey   

Lockheed Martin says it's working to establish alternate supply sources for F-35 parts in the U.S., removing Turkey from the fighter jet program. More>>

Industry News | July 22, 2019
World’s Largest Robotics Competition Returns to Dallas 2021-2024   

The Robotics Education & Competition Foundation’s VEX Robotics World Championship will return to Dallas from 2021 through 2024. More>>

Industry News | July 22, 2019
IN: Made in America 2019 Expects 30K Visitors to Indianapolis in Oct.   

MADE IN AMERICA 2019 will take place at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, October 3-6. More>>

Industry News | July 22, 2019
ON: Guelph Welcomes Canada's Agriculture Community for 2020 Conference   

The governments of Canada and Ontario announced that Guelph will host the annual conference of federal, provincial and territorial agricultural... More>>



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