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Industry News | May 27, 2019
NJ: Field Trip Program Educates Students About Advanced Manufacturing   

NJEDA and Ocean County Vocational Technical School launched a free field trip program to educate students about careers in advanced manufacturing. More>>

Industry News | May 27, 2019
AL: State Sets Record with $8.7B in Investment, 17,000 New Jobs   

Companies locating new or expanding operations in Alabama invested $8.7 billion in growth projects during 2018, a record for the state. More>>

Industry News | May 27, 2019
Supply Chains Experience Digital Skills Gap With Talent   

The supply chain community is not alone in experiencing a digital skills gap, according to a report by CompTIA. More>>

Industry News | May 27, 2019
RI: $4.5M Pledged for Offshore Wind Education, Supply Chain   

Ørsted US Offshore Wind and Eversource have pledged $4.5 million to support offshore wind education and supply chain development. More>>

Industry News | May 27, 2019
Gartner Says 40% Of Gen Z Employees Regret Accepting Job Offer   

A growing number of candidates are regretting their career decisions, according to Gartner, Inc. More>>

Industry News | May 27, 2019
Report: A Record 1,389 Companies Announce the Return of 145,000 Jobs   

In 2018 the number of companies reporting new reshoring and foreign direct investment was at the highest level in history, up 38% from 2017. More>>

Industry News | May 27, 2019
SEIA Designates the 2020s as The Solar + Decade   

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has designated the next decade The Solar+ Decade. More>>

Industry News | May 27, 2019
Indiana Expands, Enhances Economic Development Tools   

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation increases efforts to recruit new investment in high-growth sectors, strengthening partnerships to target... More>>

Industry News | May 21, 2019
U.S. Consumer Sentiment Jumps to 15-Year High   

U.S. consumer sentiment jumped to the strongest level since 2004 on a surge in economic expectations amid unexpectedly strong growth. More>>

Industry News | May 20, 2019
DOE Announces $33.5 Million for Energy Efficient Construction   

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced up to $33.5 million for early-stage research and development of advanced building construction... More>>



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