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Aircraft Deliveries on the Rise: Research by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association

The General Aviation Manufacturers Association published this report, showing delivery of airplanes and rotorcraft increased over last year.


Top Trends in Today's Manufacturing Workforce

This report by Industry Week provides insights into the top trends in today's manufacturing workforce and into finding and keeping talent.


Technology in Industry Report

The Technology in Industry Report examines data from industry and academia to create a data-rich guide to Industry 4.0.


2017 Manufacturing Salary Survey

2016 was a good year for manufacturing leadership: Job satisfaction was up, and so was pay. Medical device manufacturing took the lead in salaries, while the most lucrative job was vice president of...


Reducing Energy Waste through Municipally Led Behavior Change Programs

Municipal governments are increasingly using behavior change strategies to save energy in their communities. For this study the authors surveyed cities across North America and analyzed 50 behavior...


World Green Building Trends: 2018

Forty-seven percent of those participating in the World Green Building Trends Report expect a majority of their projects to be green by 2021.


Is Your Supply Chain Ready for a Protracted Trade War?

This paper discusses preparing for the consequences of geopolitical shifts caused by tariffs, including bolstering management of supply chains.

The Next American Industrial Revolution

The Next American Industrial Revolution

There are several emerging technologies that look set to enable manufacturers in developing markets to remain competitive, ABI Reseach reports.

2018 Global Aerospace and Defense Industry Outlook

2018 Global Aerospace and Defense Industry Outlook

Outlook reviews the performance of the aerospace and defense industry in 2017 and forecasts its growth in the coming years.

The Cheapest and Most Expensive U.S. Cities to Start a New Company

The Cheapest and Most Expensive U.S. Cities to Start a New Company

Where is the best city to start a new co.? Graphs show the 10 most expensive & 10 cheapest cities in the U.S. for a new co. to call home.