Development News | January 13, 2020
AZ: PVB to Expand Headquarters in Marana, Adding 169 Jobs   

PVB Fabrications, Inc. plans to expand its headquarters in Marana, Ariz., adding 169 new jobs. More>>

Industry News | January 13, 2020
WA: Boeing Reassigns 3,000 737 Max Workers With Factory Shutdown Looming   

With a shutdown looming for the Boeing 737 Max production facility, the company plans to reassign its 737 Max workforce, which numbers about 3,000... More>>

Development News | January 13, 2020
AL: Airbus to Boost Production Rate at Mobile Facility, Adding 275 Jobs   

Airbus says it plans to boost the production rate of its A320 aircraft at its plant in Mobile, Ala. The move will result in the addition of 275... More>>

Industry News | January 13, 2020
LA: 2019 Highlights Include 12,000 New Jobs, $8B In Capital Investment   

Louisiana Economic Development outlined 2019 projects that represented more than $8 billion in new capital investment and more than 12,300 new jobs. More>>

Industry News | January 13, 2020
UT: Joint County Initiative to Be Named Northern Utah Economic Alliance    

The regional economic development initiative launched by Weber and Davis Counties in June 2019 has a new name – the Northern Utah Economic Alliance... More>>

Industry News | January 13, 2020
To Cut Emissions, Airbus to Test Formation Flying on Transatlantic Routes   

Airbus is expected to test a "formation flying" project on transatlantic routes this year, with the goal to help airlines reduce emissions. More>>

Article | January 10, 2020
Advanced Manufacturing: The Engine Behind Kentucky’s Economic Growth   

Advanced manufacturing may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Kentucky. But the state is home to 4,500 manufacturing... More>>

Article | January 10, 2020
Creating an Environment to Attract Advanced Manufacturing   

From a site selection perspective, the fundamental differences between advanced manufacturers vs. traditional manufacturing are that advanced... More>>

Development News | January 10, 2020
LA: Ampirical to Build Corporate HQ near Covington, to Create 400 Jobs   

Ampirical Solutions will build a 78,000-square-foot corporate headquarters near Covington, La., creating 400 new direct jobs. More>>

Development News | January 10, 2020
SC: Custom Profile Establishing Operations in Kershaw County, to Hire 70   

Custom Profile, a manufacturer and supplier of plastic profile extrusions, plans to establish operations in Kershaw County, S.C., creating 70 new... More>>



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