Article | January 5, 2021
CiCi Awards 2021 Community Impact Awards   

A company’s decision to locate a new facility or expand an existing one can have a profound effect on a community, and it can go well beyond a... More>>

Article | January 5, 2021
CiCi Awards 2021 Corporate Investment Awards   

While 2020 has certainly presented some challenges on the corporate investment front, many large projects continued apace, and the year is shaping up... More>>

Development News | August 2, 2021
KY: Fruit of the Loom to Expand Distribution Center, Create 50 Jobs   

Bowling Green-based Fruit of the Loom plans to expand its existing distribution center in Warren County and create 50 full-time job opportunities. More>>

Development News | July 30, 2021
KY: New Paper Mill in Henderson to Create 320-Plus Jobs   

Planned $400 million project is largest investment in the region in more than 25 years. More>>

Development News | July 23, 2021
KY: Dollar General Opens 2nd Distro Center in Kentucky, Creating 300 Jobs   

Dollar General has invested approximately $65 million in its new distribution center in Walton, Ky. It's the second supply chain facility in... More>>

Development News | July 16, 2021
KY: ShopHQ Opens First Outlet Store in Bowling Green   

ShopHQ is opening its first in-person shopping experience in Bowling Green, Kentucky. More>>

Who’s Who in Site Selection
Article | June 28, 2021
Who’s Who- Economic Development Leadership   

In a country with its economy on the move, site selection professionals are a vital part of the economic pipeline. They assist at nearly all stages... More>>

Development News | June 10, 2021
KY: Castlen Steel to Open Retail Facility in Bowling Green, Creating Jobs   

Castlen Steel, LLC., an architectural and structural metals manufacturer, is expanding its operations in Bowling Green, Kentucky. More>>

Industry News | May 3, 2021
U.S. Dept. of Labor Awards $103M to Five States to Help Ill, Injured Workers   

The U.S. Department of Labor grants totaling more than $103 million to five states to expand projects to help newly injured and ill workers remain in... More>>

Development News | January 12, 2021
KY: Ball to Open Manufacturing Facility in Bowling Green, Creating 200 Jobs   

Ball Corporation announced plans to build a new aluminum end manufacturing facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky. More>>