Development News | September 27, 2018
KY: Investors Heritage Life Insurance to Invest $1M, Add 75 Frankfort Jobs   

Franklin County, KY-based insurer’s expansion and plan to add 75 jobs follows merger with Aquarion Holdings. More>>

Development News | September 26, 2018
KY: Danimer Scientific to Locate $36.2M Facility in Winchester, Hire 37   

Mfgr of biodegradable & compostable plastic products to locate fermentation facility in Winchester, KY, with $36.2M investment. More>>

Development News | September 20, 2018
KY: Castle & Key Distillery Opens $30M Renovated Site, Will Hire 100    

Four-plus-year renovation of legendary property results in tourism destination, promise of 100 new jobs in KY. More>>

Development News | September 18, 2018
KY: CA-Based Rack-It Truck Racks to Locate in Albany, Create 25 Jobs   

Utility truck rack mfgr with CA ops to invest $1.35+M & create 25 full-time jobs to establish a location in Clinton County, KY. More>>

Development News | September 13, 2018
KY: Precision Strip to Invest $31M, Create 31 Jobs in Warren County   

Metals processing co. to double originally planned investment in Warren County to $31M & creation of 31 full-time jobs. More>>

Development News | September 11, 2018
KY: New Flyer of America Opens $30M Shepherdsville Facility, 550 New Jobs    

Bus and motor coach parts manufacturing $30M project unveiled that will create up to 550 jobs. More>>

Development News | September 6, 2018
KY: Brad Ragan Recycling to Invest $6.6M, Add 75 Jobs in Glasgow   

Locally owned business, an off-road tire retreading company, selects a build-ready, certified site for new facility in Glasgow, KY. More>>

Development News | September 5, 2018
KY: Webasto to Invest $15.2 M in Lexington, Add 183 Jobs    

Sunroof supplier that has been a supplier to automakers will add a new production line with a $15.2M investment, creating 183 jobs. More>>

Development News | September 4, 2018
KY: Sister Schubert's to Invest $50M, Expand, Add 72 Jobs in Hart County    

Producer of frozen dinner rolls announced a $50M phase I expansion of mfg operation in Hart County, KY, expected to create 72 full-time jobs. More>>

Development News | August 31, 2018
KY: Fiberglass Manufacturer SKAPS to Invest $5M, Add 20 Jobs in Henderson   

Producer of rolled fiberglass products to invest $5M, create 20 full-time jobs at recently acquired Henderson ops, formerly Matrix Composites. More>>


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