New Mexico

Development News | October 28, 2020
NM: Paper Mill Gets Economic Boost, New Equipment, Retaining 125+ Jobs   

A long-time paper factory in McKinley County will receive economic assistance from the state so it can install new equipment and remain in business. More>>

Development News | October 27, 2020
NM: Job Training Incentive Program Helps Companies Expand, Creates 803 Jobs   

New Mexico's Job Training Incentive Program Board has awarded 18 companies with over $5.5 million, in support of 803 new jobs. More>>

Development News | October 26, 2020
NM: TV Series to Return to N.M. To Film 3rd Season, Employing Thousands   

The TV series "Roswell, New Mexico" will return to New Mexico to film its third season. Filming will take place October 2020 through April 2021. More>>

Development News | October 9, 2020
NM: Prent Corp. to Open Facility in Santa Teresa, Creating 85 Jobs   

Prent Corporation will be opening a new manufacturing facility in Santa Teresa, N.M., investing $12.5 million and creating 85 new jobs. More>>

Development News | September 9, 2020
NM: Roswell Wind Energy Project Nears Completion, to Power 90,000 Homes   

Tucson Electric Power is nearing completion of its biggest renewable energy resource yet — the 250-megawatt Oso Grande Wind project near Roswell,... More>>

Development News | August 31, 2020
NM: Aerial Inspection Firm Plans Major Expansion, to Add 79 Jobs   

LaSen Inc. has been awarded a state Local Economic Development Act grant of $750,000 to construct a larger headquarters facility. More>>

Development News | August 27, 2020
NM: New Mexico Company Wins Major Space Contract, to Add 60 Jobs   

A New Mexico company with operational ties to Spaceport America has been awarded a major contract at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). More>>

Development News | August 24, 2020
NM: Job Incentive Program Supports 457 New Jobs, 15 Expanding Companies   

The Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) Board approved $2 million in support of 457 new jobs in New Mexico. More>>

Development News | August 19, 2020
NM: Sceye Picks New Mexico For U.S. Production Center, With 140 Employees   

Sceye has chosen New Mexico as its U.S. base of stratospheric flights for earth observation and communication. More>>

Development News | June 8, 2020
NM: Construction Starts in New Mexico on 35K acres for Wind Farm   

Construction has started on 35,000 acres of state trust land for the La Joya Wind Farm in New Mexico’s Torrance County. More>>