New Mexico

Development News | January 11, 2021
NM: SpinLaunch Plans Major Expansion at Spaceport America, to Hire 59   

A company that is developing a mass accelerator with the aim of launching satellites into space orbit is expanding at New Mexico’s Spaceport... More>>

Development News | December 30, 2020
NM: Economic Diversity, Job Expansion Continue Across State   

New Mexico's Economic Development Department set the foundation for long-term job growth in 2020, putting the state on the path to sustainable... More>>

Development News | December 18, 2020
NM: Yesway Ramps Up Expansion with Concept Store in Vaughn   

Convenience store Yesway opened an Allsup's Market concept store in Vaughn, N.M., reports the publication Chain Store Age. More>>

Development News | December 11, 2020
NM: NTx Set to Launch Major Expansion in New Mexico, Adding 116 Jobs   

Nature's Toolbox (NTx) is set to bring $30 million in private investment to its new Rio Rancho project and hire 116 employees. More>>

Development News | December 8, 2020
NM: Third Asian Manufacturing Firm Opening in New Mexico’s Border Zone   

A third Taiwanese company has decided to locate a manufacturing operation to the Santa Teresa Border Zone in Southern New Mexico. More>>

Development News | December 1, 2020
NM: Netflix Plans to Boost New Mexico Presence, Add 1,000 Jobs   

Netflix, the world’s leading internet entertainment service, plans to boost its presence in New Mexico by expanding ABQ Studios and committing $1... More>>

Development News | November 30, 2020
NM: EDD Supports 182 New Mexico Jobs Through November JTIP Funding   

The Job Training Incentive Program Board allocated $1.95 million in November to support 180 trainees and 2 interns in New Mexico. More>>

Development News | November 10, 2020
NM: Four Films in Production in New Mexico, Employing Hundreds   

The New Mexico Film Office announced four feature films being produced in New Mexico. More>>

Development News | November 9, 2020
NM: Prent Corporation to Open Facility in Santa Teresa, Creating 85 Jobs   

Prent Corporation will open a new manufacturing facility in Santa Teresa, N.M., creating 85 jobs. More>>

Development News | November 6, 2020
NM: Five Production Support Businesses Expand to Boost N.M.'s Film Industry    

Over the last year, five new major production service support businesses have located or expanded to a new facility in New Mexico. More>>