New Mexico

Development News | October 18, 2021
NM: WTEC Energy to Create 315 Jobs With Facility in Dona Ana County   

The State of New Mexico has pledged economic assistance to WTEC Energy Corp. to redevelop an empty facility in rural Doña Ana County. More>>

Development News | September 2, 2021
NM: JTIP Board Funding to Support 160 Employees and Interns   

The Job Training Incentive Program Board approved over $2.2 million in funding to support employee and intern training for 160 jobs at 17 New Mexico... More>>

Development News | August 27, 2021
NM: State-Awarded Job Training Funds to Support 190 Jobs at 7 Companies   

The Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) Board recently approved training funds for 190 trainees at seven companies for a total of approximately... More>>

Development News | August 24, 2021
Schlotzsky's Restaurant Accelerates U.S. Growth in 2021   

Restaurant chain Schlotzsky's says it's signed more than 75 deals in 2021 to develop new restaurants in New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma and other U.S.... More>>

Development News | August 19, 2021
NM: Project to Expand Algae Growing for Nutrition Products to Add 23 Jobs   

A Southern New Mexico company that grows algae for use in Omega-3 nutrition products is expanding its processing operations and creating jobs. More>>

Development News | May 13, 2021
NM: Saputo Dairy to Expand Manufacturing in Las Cruces, Adding 150 Jobs   

Saputo Dairy USA, one of the largest cheese and dairy foods producers in the U.S., will expand its Las Cruces manufacturing operation. More>>

Development News | May 4, 2021
NM: Intel Plans $3.5 Billion Expansion in Rio Rancho, Creating 700 Jobs   

Intel plans to invest $3.5 billion in its New Mexico operations and hire more than 700 new workers to create a domestic hub for advanced... More>>

Development News | April 13, 2021
NM: New Mexico Lands Two Food Distribution Operations, Hiring 32   

Rio Blue Produce and Sierra Madre Produce, both with operations in Mexico have selected Santa Teresa, New Mexico, to grow their North American... More>>

Development News | April 12, 2021
NM: Affordable Solar to Expand in N.M., Adding 70 Jobs   

Affordable Solar plans to double the size of its Albuquerque fabrication facility and corporate headquarters. More>>

Development News | April 6, 2021
NM: Ranch and Food Business Expanding National Reach, to Hire 52   

Beck & Bulow, a homegrown business that manufactures and sells meats and meat products, has been awarded state and local economic development... More>>