New Mexico

Author | November 8, 2011
Jon Clark   

Jon Clark serves as Interim President & CEO for the NM Partnership, the entity responsible for recruitment of economic base jobs into the State of... More>>

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Article | November 8, 2011
New Mexico: An Excellent Southwestern Location Offers Efficient Market Access   

The Southwest is the fastest growing region of the country and New Mexico is right at the heart of it. Supported by three interstate freeways, a vast... More>>

Development News | July 12, 2011
NM: Snap Green Industries to Begin Plastics Recycling Operations in Chaparral   

A welcoming ceremony was held recently for Snap Green Industries, LLC, a plastics recycling company, that is establishing new operations in... More>>

Whether Short or Long, Supply Chains are Fostering Deep Roots in Communities Throughout teh Country
Article | May 12, 2011
Whether Short or Long, Supply Chains are Fostering Deep Roots in Communities Throughout the Country   

The term "supply chain" can be misleading. While the process of creating and distributing products is a chain-like progression, supply chain roots... More>>

Development News | April 21, 2011
NM: IECSA and Plastics, LLC to Establish Warehousing and Distribution Operation in Chaparral   

Economic Development Department Secretary-designate Jon Barela welcomes IECSA and Plastics, LLC, a distributor of plastics and recycled materials to... More>>

Development News | April 1, 2011
NM: Thirty-One New High-Wage Jobs Created With Assistance from Job Training Incentive Program   

The Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) board announced recently that it has assisted four companies with $250,555 in funding to help hire and... More>>

Development News | February 2, 2011
NM: Job Training Incentive Program Awards Two New Mexico Companies With Funding to Help Hire and Train New Employees   

The Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) board approved $62,117 in funding at its January meeting to help create seven new jobs, in both rural and... More>>

Development News | November 29, 2010
NM: Ramah Navajo Foods Announces Project in Gallup   

Ramah Navajo Foods LLC, a joint venture between Blue Mountain Meats of Monticello, Utah, and New Mexico’s Ramah Navajo Chapter, recently announced... More>>

Development News | October 26, 2010
NM: JBC International Announces Plastic Recycling Plant in Chaparral, New Mexico   

New Mexico Economic Development Department Cabinet Secretary Fred Mondragón recently announced that JBC International, LLC will be establishing... More>>

Author | August 11, 2010
Rick Homans   

New Mexico's role in space commercialization puts Rick Homans at the forefront of this industry. More>>