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Development News | March 26, 2019
Elon Musk: SpaceX to Build Starship and Rocket in Florida   

According to a tweet by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, a nearly 400-foot tall, two-stage rocket will be built in Florida. Musk owns the rocket... More>>

Development News | March 26, 2019
Airbus Agrees to Sell 300 Aircraft to China, Rivaling Boeing Deal   

On March 25, Airbus signed a deal worth tens of billions of dollars to sell 300 aircraft to China, coinciding with a visit to Europe by Chinese... More>>

Development News | March 26, 2019
Falcon Heavy Commercial Launch May Pave Way for Reusable Rockets for National Security   

U.S. Air Force officials will be keeping a close eye on Falcon Heavy’s upcoming Arabsat 6A commercial communications satellite launch that is... More>>

Development News | March 26, 2019
Former Delta Executive Steve Dickson Nominated to Head FAA   

Former longtime Delta Air Lines executive Steve Dickson is President Trump's nominee to be the administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration,... More>>

Development News | March 26, 2019
Air Force Seeks Additional F-35As, KC-46s in Unfunded Priorities List   

The Air Force wants to buy 12 additional F-35A strike fighters and three more KC-46 tankers as part of its $2.8 billion fiscal 2020 unfunded... More>>

Development News | March 25, 2019
AL: GE Aviation to Expand at Innovative Auburn Facility, Creating 60 Jobs   

GE Aviation plans to invest $50 million to expand the additive manufacturing operation at its Auburn facility, the aerospace industry’s first site... More>>

Development News | March 13, 2019
KY: Meyer Tool to Create 100 Jobs with New Boone County Facility   

High-tech manufacturer Meyer Tool Inc. plans to locate a new facility in Boone County, a move expected to create 100 jobs. More>>

Agency | March 11, 2019
Thomasville/Thomas County Payroll Dev. Authority   


Development News | March 8, 2019
VA: Dynovis Inc. to Create 44 New Jobs in Rockbridge County   

Dynovis Inc. will invest $592,000 to establish a new manufacturing operation in Rockbridge County, creating 44 new jobs. More>>

Development News | March 8, 2019
TN: Stulz Air to Establish Manufacturing Plant in Dayton, Creating 250 Jobs   

STULZ Air Technology Systems Inc. will establish manufacturing operations in Dayton, investing $2 million and creating 250 new jobs. More>>


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