Industry News | January 28, 2019
Air Liquide Signs Up to Purchase Texas Wind Power   

Air Liquide announced a new agreement to purchase renewable wind electricity from a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC. More>>

Industry News | January 21, 2019
Air Liquide Signs Up For Texas Wind Power   

Air Liquide will purchase 50 megawatts (MW) of renewable wind electricity from a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC. More>>

Development News | December 7, 2018
TX: Avellan Space Technology & Science to Ramp Up Satellite Production in Midland   

Avellan Space Technology & Science begins building satellites in 2019 at its new North American manufacturing plant in Midland, Texas. More>>

Industry News | December 3, 2018
Blockchain Oil & Gas Summit Coming to Houston on March 7   

An event to showcase the latest applications of blockchain technology will take place on March 7 at the Blockchain Oil & Gas Summit. More>>

Development News | November 28, 2018
CA: Bell to Partner with EPS to Help Build Uber Air Taxis   

Bell added a key supplier to its air taxi program to help with the aircraft's energy storage capabilities, the Fort Worth manufacturer announced. More>>

Development News | November 19, 2018
TX: Maryland Small Business Awarded 12 Army Medical Command Contracts   

Hamilton Pacific Chamberlain, headquartered in Waldorf, MD, was awarded twelve contracts, totaling $4.5M, set to begin in 2018 and 2019. More>>

Development News | November 16, 2018
TX: Plano Tech Company Set to Grow, Add Jobs   

Visual BI Solutions is planning to invest about $6.5 million in real estate that would cover nearly 20,000 square feet and create 100 new jobs. More>>

Agency | November 14, 2018
North Houston District   


Development News | November 8, 2018
TX: Bill Murray’s Golf Apparel Company Relocating to East Austin   

William Murray Golf, a golf apparel company owned by comedian Bill Murray and his six brothers, has relocated its headquarters to Austin. More>>

Development News | October 31, 2018
TX: OKIN BPS Selects San Antonio for U.S. HQ, Creating 1,400 Jobs   

Business services provider for business networks, technical solution proposals, price offers, complex project management chooses San Antonio. More>>


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