TID Contributors

Author | June 28, 2021
Henry McMaster   

Henry Dargan McMaster became the 117th Governor of South Carolina in January 2017 and was elected to his first full term as governor in November... More>>

Author | June 28, 2021
Asa Hutchinson   

Asa Hutchinson is the 46th governor of the State of Arkansas. More>>

Author | April 5, 2021
Amish Thakker   

Amish Thakker is principal in Bain & Company’s performance improvement and supply chain management practices. He has 20 years of experience in... More>>

Author | April 5, 2021
Governor Brian Kemp   

Brian Kemp is a husband, father, businessman, and public servant. On November 6, 2018, he was elected as Georgia's 83rd Governor, earning more votes... More>>

Author | April 5, 2021
Joshua Hinkel   

Joshua Hinkel is a partner in Bain & Company’s performance improvement, technology and supply chain management practices. He has more than 18 years... More>>

Author | April 5, 2021
Lindsey Cannon   

Lindsey Cannon is a director at Quest Site Solutions, where she assists companies in identifying, evaluating, and selecting the optimal location for... More>>

Author | January 7, 2021
Gary Perilloux   

Gary Perilloux is the Communications Director for Louisiana Economic Development. More>>

Author | January 4, 2021
Bill Lee   

Bill Lee is a seventh-generation Tennessean and the 50th Governor of Tennessee. Governor Lee attended Auburn University, where he studied Mechanical... More>>

Author | January 4, 2021
Megan Spinos   

As lead of Vocon’s strategic consulting practice, Megan Spinos helps organizations make decisions about the design and use of their workspace to... More>>

Author | October 5, 2020
Carter Wood   

Carter Wood is a senior manager with Global Location Investment, Credits and Incentives practice at Ernst & Young LLP. The practice assists clients... More>>