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NM: 12 Companies Awarded over $3 Million, Supporting 183 Jobs

Jan 27, 2022
The New Mexico JTIP (Job Training Incentive Program) Board has approved just over $3.48 million in support of 183 trainees and 2 interns, Economic Development Department Cabinet Secretary Alicia J. Keyes announced.
Twelve companies were approved during the first meeting of 2022 on January 14, most of which offer high-wage positions for New Mexican employees. Each of these companies has received JTIP assistance in the past and continues to grow operations and staffing. All 12 JTIP recipients are either science/technology based or have developed innovative manufacturing.
"These are the companies building a more skilled and resilient workforce in New Mexico and these are the companies the EDD wants to support. JTIP is an important tool to assist high-paying businesses when they want to expand, train workers and create jobs in New Mexico," Cabinet Secretary Keyes said.
The companies approved for JTIP in January 2022 are:
3D Glass Solutions Inc., Albuquerque, 18 trainees. 3D Glass Solutions is an electronic components company working with engineered glass to design and manufacture Passive components for next generation wireless and optical communications.
Average trainee wage: $36.19; total awarded: $306,558.88.
The Boeing Company, Albuquerque, 17 trainees. Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defense, space, and security systems. The company supports airlines and U.S. and allied government customers in more than 150 countries.
Average trainee wage: $59.27; total awarded: $572,177.52.
Build With Robots, Albuquerque, 5 trainees. Build With Robots (BWR) showcases automation and robotic solutions at its Albuquerque locations. The company’s robots use the latest-generation technology to enhance productivity. BWR has built a sanitizing robot named Breezy One, that provides autonomous disinfecting at Houston Hobby Airport, George Bush International Airport, and K-12 schools in Texas and New Mexico.
Average trainee wage: $34.60; total awarded: $98,604.
Cyber Security Works LLC, Albuquerque, 30 trainees. Cyber Security Works (CSW) is a professional services firm focused on risk-based vulnerability management and penetration testing. The company uses several vulnerability and threat signals to help their customers understand internal and external cyber exposure in a matter of hours.
Average trainee wage: $42.73; total awarded: $722,751.44.
Franklin Mountain Packaging LLC, Santa Teresa, 69 trainees. Franklin Mountain Packaging (FMP) is a newly formed company engaged in manufacturing corrugated sheets and providing unique digital printing services for the corrugated box-making industry. FMP will target sheet converting plants in the Southwestern U.S. and the maquiladoras and Mexican domestic market.
Average trainee wage: $18.09; total awarded: $776,384.
Kairos Power LLC, Albuquerque, 10 trainees and 2 interns. Kairos Power is focused on the development of a clean, innovative nuclear technology that has the potential to transform the energy landscape in the U.S. and around the world. The New Mexico facility conducts non-nuclear testing of technology to utilize low-pressure molten fluoride salt as a coolant in novel advanced nuclear reactors with an inherently safe design.
Average trainee wage: $45.83; average intern wage: $22.50; total awarded: $299,616.
Nature's Toolbox Inc. dba NTx, Rio Rancho, 18 trainees. NTx is a biomanufacturing company that has developed Nex-Generation Cell Free systems for RNA and protein production – a novel biological platform that enables high-throughput screening. The platform allows for rapid screening of available genetic data to identify encoded enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of metabolites. This process assists in accelerating preclinical drug discovery efforts for any medically relevant compound.
Average trainee wage: $44.12; total awarded: $443,641.84.
Pajarito Powder LLC, Albuquerque, 6 trainees. Pajarito Powder is a venture-backed startup focused on developing next-generation catalysts and catalyst supports for the fuel cell and electrolyzer industries. Pajarito Powder is an established leader in advanced catalyst and catalyst support development in rapidly accelerating clean/green hydrogen energy industries.
Average trainee wage: $30.50; total awarded: $95,040.
RingIR Inc, Albuquerque, 2 trainees. RingIR is a technology startup company commercializing network-capable real-time optical gas and particulate recognition technology that focuses on molecular fingerprinting of atmospheric gases. The technology allows operator to run specific gas sensing measurements that analyze the composition of an atmosphere continuously to ensure that workplace environments are safer. This technology has also evolved into new applications, including a noninvasive analyzer to rapidly identify breath biomarkers specific to COVID-19.
Average trainee wage: $22.00; total awarded: $14,080.
SavantX Inc., Santa Fe, 3 trainees. SavantX has developed patented software tools that create customized solutions for government and commercial clients. It offers state-of -the-art data visualization as well as a new take on Machine Learning (ML) for highly scalable Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.
Average trainee wage: $52.27; total awarded: $90,689.60
Solstar Space Company LLC, Santa Fe, 1 trainee. Solstar is the leading commercial satellite communications company pioneering technology for inflight internet and voice services on spacecraft that enable data transmission to and from platforms in space. Solstar has successfully demonstrated its technology on three suborbital flights.
Average trainee wage: $88.00; total awarded: $51,336.
SRE Wellness, Inc., Albuquerque, 3 trainees. SRE’s Azuca (patented product line) brings a new approach to cannabis and CBD edibles. Bringing together revolutionary science, plant-powered wellness, and culinary inspiration, Azuca’s three patent-pending method takes wholesome, thoughtfully sourced ingredients and delivers beneficial CBD and THC in their most precise, pure and delicious form. A breakthrough for medicinal and recreational customers, Azuca products take effect in a groundbreaking 2-15 minutes, while traditional edibles take 1 to 4 hours.
Average trainee wage: $31.48; total awarded: $12,960.96.
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