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NM: Thirty-One New High-Wage Jobs Created With Assistance from Job Training Incentive Program

1 Apr, 2011

Average wage is $33.56 per hour for the newly create jobs in the manufacturing industry
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The Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) board announced recently that it has assisted four companies with $250,555 in funding to help hire and train 31 new employees in the manufacturing industry. The wages for the new jobs range from $21.46 to $42.40 an hour.

"We are pleased to be assisting these New Mexico-based companies with the funding to hire new employees in the manufacturing industry – an important industry for our state,” said Economic Development Cabinet Secretary-designate Jon Barela. “Manufacturing will not only provide high-paying jobs for New Mexicans but will be key part of improving New Mexico’s and the United States’ economy as we export these goods produced here around the world.”

This month's JTIP recipients are:

  • SCHOTT Solar PV- Albuquerque - SCHOTT Solar has manufactured PV modules in Albuquerque for two years and is currently running two PV production lines. SCHOTT Solar PV manufactures PV modules that can be used for individual, residential electricity production as well as industrial and commercial generation of electricity. In the United States, the majority of the SCHOTT Solar PV modules will be used in grid-connected commercial applications. $25,300- 2 new jobs.

  • Array Technologies, Inc.– Albuquerque – The leading manufacturer of innovative, cost-effective, reliable and robust solar tracking systems. A pioneer in solar tracking, Array has been manufacturing solar trackers in Albuquerque for more than 20 years. Array Technologies manufactures three tracking product lines: DuraTrack™ for utility systems, TrackPort™ for dual-purpose shaded parking structure and power generation, and Wattsun™ residential tracker systems. Array’s trackers are shipped worldwide to a range of customers including utilities, corporations, small businesses, and homeowners. Tracker installations of every size have been deployed internationally, including utility-scale projects in Spain, Italy, China, Korea, and the United States. $48,246– 4 new jobs.

  • Poly-Flow Engineering, LLC- Albuquerque- Poly-Flow Engineering develops and produces complex capital equipment used in specialized cleaning, chemical handling, and manufacturing support operations. Poly-flow produces capital equipment for the fabrication facilities in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, the solar cell manufacturing industry, the medical device manufacturing industry, and the optical fiber industry. The company’s core market – representing the majority of historical revenue – includes quartz ware and parts cleaning equipment, automated cleaning and drying equipment, and chemical feed equipment sold to semiconductor manufacturing companies. $110,828 – 20 new jobs.

  • SCHOTT Solar CSP – Albuquerque- SCHOTT Solar CSP manufactures receiver tubes used for Concentrated Solar Power generate electricity as a part of a large-scale utility plant. The evacuated receiver tubes, being the key components of CSP plants, play a major role in determining their overall efficiency: the receivers absorb the concentrated sunlight and transform it into heat which is eventually used for electricity generation. The innovative product design of SCHOTT Solar receivers sets today’s standards in terms of optical properties, efficiency and long-term stability. In June 2010 SCHOTT Solar’s receiver technology won the award for “Best Applied R&D” as part of the 4th US Concentrated Solar Power Summit in San Francisco. Two CSP manufacturing lines have been constructed at Mesa del Sol. One is operating currently. $ 616,181 - 5 new jobs.


About JTIP
The Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) reimburses qualified economic-based companies for a portion of training costs associated with job creation. The program provides for classroom or on-the-job training, reimbursing an expanding or relocating business for up to 75 percent of a trainee’s wages for as long as six months.

To qualify, new or expanding companies must either create a product in New Mexico, or provide a non-retail service with 50 percent of the company’s customer and revenue base outside of the state. The eligible jobs must be full-time and year-round. The trainee must be a new hire to the company and have been a New Mexico resident for at least one continuous year at any time prior to being hired.
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