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NM: State Job Training Funds Support 328 New Mexico Jobs

Mar 22, 2021
The Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) board awarded a total of $3.4 million in funding to 17 companies throughout New Mexico, supporting 328 jobs, Cabinet Secretary Alicia J. Keyes announced.
"JTIP funding helps to ensure that New Mexico workers are trained for better jobs and that these jobs stay in our state. JTIP is a proven tool for incentivizing business expansion and relocation, and increasing high-wage jobs in New Mexico," Keyes said.
The 17 companies awarded grants in March 2021 represent a diverse range of industries across the state. The businesses hail from Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Moriarty, Rio Rancho, Roswell, Santa Fe, Sunland Park, and Truth or Consequences. These companies have made large financial and personal commitments to remain in New Mexico and help grow our economy.
March JTIP awardees:
3D Glass Solutions, Inc., Albuquerque, 4 trainees. 3D Glass is an advanced materials company working with glass to build a platform technology for designing and manufacturing the next generation of high frequency, passive components for RF and optical communications. Average trainee salary: $36.54; Total funding: $77,003.20.
The Boeing Company, Albuquerque, 4 trainees. Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defense, space, and security systems. Average trainee salary: $62.56; Total funding: $83,640.04.
CAVU Aerospace, Inc., Roswell, 10 trainees and 10 interns. CAVU is one of the world’s leading providers of aircraft asset management, disassembly, and recycling services. CAVU is partnering with Eastern New Mexico University – Roswell to add an apprenticeship program with both in-class and on-the-job training. Average trainee salary $21.20; Average intern salary: $16.50; Total funding: $238,898.00.
Green Theme Technologies (GTT), Rio Rancho, 4 trainees. GTT’s textile finishing products are environmentally friendly and directed towards the long-term textile goal of ZDHC (zero discharge of hazardous chemicals). They also offer water-free dyeing and anti-microbial/anti-viral treatments for PPE. Average trainee salary: $30.07; Total funding: $76,099.60.
High Plains Processing LLC, Las Vegas, 18 trainees. High Plains is a meat processing facility that provides customized slaughtering and cutting services focused on design, delivery, and perfecting of value-added beef products. They assist in the integration of the beef supply chain from producer to consumer. Average trainee salary: $22.53; Total funding: $250,586.00.
Indica Labs, Inc, Albuquerque, 14 trainees and 1 intern. Founded in Corrales, NM, Indica Labs provides solutions that streamline the image analysis workflow for digital pathology. Average trainee salary: $39.41; Intern salary: $22.12; Total funding: $309,164.64.
Kairos Power, LLC, Albuquerque, 1 trainee. Kairos is focused on the development of a clean, innovative nuclear technology that has the potential to transform the energy landscape in the U.S. and around the world. The N.M. facility conducts non0nuclear testing of a novel and safer coolant technology. Average trainee salary: $37.50; Total funding: $19,800.00.
Mezel Mods, Rio Rancho, 1 trainee. Mezel Mods is an industry leader in pinball mods – aftermarket toys and accessories for pinball machine collectors. It uses 3D printing technology and electronic assemblies to create toys for consumers, hobbyists, and the replacement pinball parts industry. Average trainee salary: $21.25; Total funding: $11,200.00.
New Mexico Build, LLC, Truth or Consequences, 3 trainees. New Mexico Build is a 100% owned subsidiary of SpinLaunch Inc., aiding in the fabrication and manufacturing needs for its parent company. Average trainee salary: $30.00; Total funding: $70,120.00.
OpenEye Scientific Software, Inc., Santa Fe, 10 trainees. OpenEye develops molecular design software, applications, toolkits, and technology & design services to improve development of pharmaceuticals, biologics, agrochemicals, and flavors and fragrances. Average trainee salary: $47.60; Total funding: $272,271.80.
Resilient Solutions 21, Inc. (RS21), Albuquerque, 4 trainees. RS21 is a data science and visualization company. RS21 is helping communities by rapidly identifying the most vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 health emergency, building the Urban Health Vulnerability Index to provide public and healthcare officials with instant free access to data that will help them make critical decisions on allocating scarce resources and assistance. Average trainee salary: $52.58; Total funding: $120,314.48.
Santa Fe Aero Services, LLC (SFAS), Santa Fe, 1 trainee. SFAS is a full-service aircraft Avionics and Maintenance outlet, known for outstanding glass panel avionics installation upgrades and top-level piston and turbine maintenance and repair. Average trainee salary: $24.50; Total funding: $11,760.00.
SavantX, Inc., Santa Fe, 4 trainees. SavantX has developed software tools for highly scalable artificial intelligence applications. Its patented technologies allow for revealing hidden relationships and trends in data, aiding in providing actionable information. Average trainee salary: $50.58; Total funding: $104,654.00.
Sceye, Inc., Moriarty, 9 trainees. Sceye has created a new class of airships for the stratosphere, made of super-light and uniquely tough fabric, and powered by clean, ultra-efficient solar energy. The fleet will form a powerful platform for virtual infrastructure, each one capable of carrying a large payload of cameras, sensors, hyper-spectral imaging, radar, and communications equipment. Average trainee salary: $45.97; Total funding: $287,618.56.
Stampede Meat, Inc., Sunland Park, 211 trainees. Stampede Meat creates seasoned and prepared value-added meats, portion cuts, and a variety of fully cooked meats that serve national food chains, restaurants, retailers, club stores, food service distribution, cruise lines, casinos, home delivery, military, hospitality, schools, airlines, and more. Average trainee salary: $12.53; Total funding: $1,335,559.84.
The Verdes Foundation, Albuquerque, 5 trainees. The Verdes Foundation is a nonprofit organization, and one of the longest-standing dispensaries in New Mexico. It produces value-added products, including edibles, tinctures, and salves. Average trainee salary: $24.68; Total funding: $61,730.32.
Vitality Works, Inc., Albuquerque, 14 trainees. Vitality Works is a homegrown New Mexico company that provides leading edge medicinal supplements. The company sells product to healthcare practitioners, health food stores, retail stores, natural food traders, multi-level marketing companies, and foreign operations. Average trainee salary: $24.234; Total funding: $150,812.88.
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