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Roswell and Chaves County, a Leader in Aerospace and Aviation

May 10, 2023
Roswell and Chaves County Aviation

It’s easy to see why Roswell and Chaves County, New Mexico is a leader in aerospace/aviation manufacturing.  To start, Roswell has three Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) facilities as well as a 5,000-acre complex in a designated Opportunity Zone. The aviation center includes a 13,000-foot runway, a 10,000-foot crosswind runway, storage for 800 aircraft and room to grow. In addition to the 2,000-acre mega-site that is currently in development, heavy industrial sites are available now for lease with an additional 45-acre shovel-ready site. Chaves County is prepared to take the aerospace/aviation industry to the next level and beyond.

Currently, major airlines, as well as Mitsubishi and Honda, use the air center to test, repair and repurpose aircraft. Eastern New Mexico University - Roswell offers an Advanced Aircraft Maintenance Program and an AA Degree with an FAA certification. There are additional workforce training programs and apprenticeships that continue to generate talent for the aviation industry. These programs draw students which ensures a steady & talented workforce pipeline to meet the demands of your growing company.

As a bonus, the geographical location of Chaves County offers the safety and business continuity advantages of a climate-resilient location that is free from the threat of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and drought.

At the edge of the oil and gas country, Roswell and Chaves County has the infrastructure to support the aerospace /aviation industry, including renewable energy sources and a naturally recharging aquifer fed by nearby mountains. To balance life, the mountains also provide endless recreational opportunities. This is thanks to 310 days of sunshine per year. If you are searching for the right location to start and/or grow your aerospace/aviation business, Roswell and Chaves County is the place. The Roswell-Chaves County Economic Development Corporation will help you to find a site, support your growth, and make it easy to become part of our incredible community.

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