AOP Clearwater, LLC Chooses Location for Water Recycling Plant; Create 10 New Jobs; Invest $12M

18 Mar, 2009

AOP Clearwater, LLC has chosen West Virginia as the location for its first water recycling plant in the Appalachian Basin. The joint announcement was made by Gov. Joe Manchin and Louis Bonasso, President of AOP Clearwater LLC (AOPC). The new facility is located in Marion County and is scheduled to open in July of this year. This effort represents an initial investment of at least $12 million.

The AOPC Plant will create 10 new full time jobs, including plant manager, mechanics and shift technicians. Additionally, the new facility will utilize local firms for engineering, equipment, construction and construction management.

“We are truly pleased that AOP Clearwater chose to locate in West Virginia,” said Gov. Joe Manchin. “We look forward toward working with Mr. Bonasso to make this announcement the beginning of a great partnership for both the company and the state.”

“AOP Clearwater is proud to announce the first of its kind water recycling facility,” Bonasso said. “The current and future exploration of the Marcellus Shale by the oil & gas industry in West Virginia and throughout the Appalachian Basin requires new and responsible solutions for the water management issues created by this exploration activity. We are pleased to be a part of the solution for water stewardship as the oil and gas Industry develops this new producing horizon.”

AOP Clearwater is a new company providing water recycling services. Through its affiliated companies AOPC has a long history of providing service to the oil and gas industry in West Virginia and throughout the Appalachian Basin.