Development News | November 1, 2019
VA: GlaxoSmithKline Healthcare Announces 150 New Jobs in Richmond   

GlaxoSmithKline will invest $16.7 million to expand its consumer healthcare research and development center in the City of Richmond. More>>

Development News | October 29, 2019
VA: Morgan Olson Announces 703 New Jobs in Danville-Pittsylvania Co.   

Morgan Olson, LLC will invest $57.8 million to establish a new walk-in step van assembly operation in a 925,000-square-foot plant in... More>>

Development News | October 25, 2019
VA: DroneUp to Expand Virginia Beach HQ, Creating 41 New Jobs   

DroneUp, a web and mobile platform for on-demand drone pilot services, will invest $130,000 to expand its headquarters operation in Virginia Beach. More>>

Development News | October 24, 2019
VA: Cartograf Announces 63 New Jobs in Chesterfield County   

Cartograf will invest $65.3 million to establish its first folding and micro-corrugated package printing facility in the United States. More>>

Article | October 22, 2019
Great Locations for Businesses—and Their Employees   

For site selection experts and executives, evaluating different areas in terms of utilities, transportation infrastructure, access to markets, etc.,... More>>

Article | October 22, 2019
Virginia: Pioneering Economic Development Since 1607   

The Commonwealth of Virginia was founded as a business venture in 1607, bringing profits to shareholders. Virginia has stood for economic opportunity... More>>

Development News | October 16, 2019
VA: SRP Companies to Invest $1.16M for Operations in Virginia Beach   

SRP Companies will invest $1.16 million to relocate a substantial portion of its warehouse operations to the City of Virginia Beach. More>>

Development News | October 15, 2019
VA: Echo World Communications Announces 153 Jobs in Brunswick Co.   

Echo World Communications, LLC, a newly formed company in Virginia, will invest $550,000 to establish a customer service center in Brunswick County. More>>

Development News | October 9, 2019
VA: Aeronyde to Establish Drone Control Center in Covington, Hiring 25   

Aeronyde Corporation will invest $350,000 to establish a new drone operations command and control center in the City of Covington. More>>

Agency | October 3, 2019
Virginia Highlands Small Business Incubator   




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