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VA: Prince William Co. Issues New Structure Policy for Data Centers

Apr 12, 2021
Prince William County, Va., Department of Development Services recently issued Building Development Policy and Procedures for New Structures – Data Center Buildings. All new Data Center buildings shall meet the definition terms in the policy, which outlines the building permitting approval and occupancy process for a new structure.
In 2020, insatiable demand for Data Centers surged with the construction pipeline reaching near record-levels, according to Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). Given the expected exponential growth in information communications technology and commensurate data storage infrastructure needs, the Prince William Board of County Supervisors approved the amended zoning ordinance text (#DPA2019-00002) for the Data Center Opportunity Zone (DCOZ) Overlay District, in June 2019.
“We are pro-business and continuously taking steps forward to provide a framework in which all businesses can grow and move expediently through necessary regulatory processes, as evidenced in the recent advances in ePortal and new online and automated services,” said Wade A. Hugh, Director Department of Development Services. “Data Centers are unique structures and require a high level of expertise throughout the entire building construction phase and these new policy and procedures help guide the process.”
All forms for the Data Center New Structures Policy, such as the application request form, checklist, and footing and foundation checklist are located in the Building Development Forms Management System, which provides easy access to all forms related to the building development process and the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (VUSBC).  
Data Center design plans will be required to include all areas of new structures to meet the VUSBC minimum requirements for occupancy. Areas in the building not designated for immediate use shall require design plans for either Storage (S-1) Use Group or Business (B) Use Group, to meet the VUSBC minimum requirements. A Data Center will be permitted as one building, resulting in one Certificate of Occupancy. After the Certificate of Occupancy is issued, an Alteration/Repair building permit will be issued to allow S-1 and B use group areas to be converted or fit-out. If S-1 or B use groups need to be converted or fit-out during the initial construction, a design plan revision must be submitted for review and approval. Should a phased-in occupancy be required, a phased-in occupancy plan, to include separation between occupied and unoccupied areas, emergency egress and building fire protection, must be filed along with the design plan revision. 
Building Development processes are designed to be effective and efficient, and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. All plans and documents shall meet the requirements set forth in the Building Development Division Customer ePlans Guide and be submitted online in ePortal. 
For more information on ePlan submissions please find the ePlan How-To Guide video, contact Plan Intake at (703) 792-4040 or For assistance with ePortal please contact (703) 792-6875 or  To receive the latest news, join our email list!  
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