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March/April 2008

CiCi Awards – 3rd Year!
We’re celebrating the 3rd anniversary for The Corporate Investment and Community Impact (CiCi) Awards and we are as excited this year as we were the first…or even more so.  Everyone likes to be recognized for a “job well done” – and corporations, states and communities are no different. 
After receiving over 1,000 submissions from across the nation, we had the grueling task of narrowing the list down to the Top 16 Corporate Investment projects and the Top 15 Community Impact projects. 
 There may be plenty of excitement in our CiCi Awards, but don’t overlook our feature articles:  Dennis Donovan’s “Nearshoring: A Competitive Advantage in a Global Economy;” Ed McCallum’s “Community Commitment & Corporate Responsibility;” and Jane Mather’s “Site Selection Portfolios: Optimal Today but What About Tomorrow?”  These articles are bursting with insightful words and important information from these three professionals.  And speaking of professionals, don’t miss Richard Kadzis’ Industry Outlook article from CoreNet Global.

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Most larger, and an increasing number of smaller, corporations are adopting an allshore (or multishore) strategy for the geographic deployment of business operations.  This article highlights the rationale for integrating nearshore options as part of a worldwide location thrust. By nearshore, we are referring to the western hemisphere (or the Americas).   We will focus on non-U.S. alternatives, (i.e., Canada, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean Basin, and South America). Onshore (or smartshore), while not addressed in this article, should also be viewed as a component to creating a global location footprint.   more...